Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drawing Dresses

"He could never see her come into a room without
a sense of the flowing of robes, of the flowering of
blossoms, of the purple waves of the sea..."
                     ~Virginia Woolf, 'Night and Day'

    I came across a beautiful photograph not long ago that was posted on one of my favorite fashion blogs called The Sea Has Neither Meaning Nor Pity (wonderful title and wonderful blog!!). Sometimes when you see a picture it automatically appeals to you either because it reflects your style, or creativity, or you can appreciate something unique and different about it. When I see a picture I either love it for one of the above reasons or I look at it and think - oh my goodness that makes me want to draw! This photo made my fingers itch for a pen right away, and so I have drawn ten gowns inspired by it and entitled the series "The Evening Flowers". I'm afraid I don't know who the photograph is by, but I have included it so that you can appreciate it's beauty and my inspiration.

The Evening Flowers


  1. oohhhh mmyyyyy gooodnesss....! these are not only gorgeous they should be made! I can't believe no one commented before. I'm very much into my own desire/passion for clothing right now. I've never indulged before for many reasons, but as of last month I can not ignore my passion for creating beautiful clothes. I LOVE these drawings and I believe women should be wearing things this beautiful every day. It is my personal goal anyway. I could take some notes from these and begin drawing my own too. I'm your newest follower. many blessings, Lady.

  2. I clicked on one of your images I came across on Pinterest. Someone had it listed under Printables.. I have been a follower of you blog for quite sometime.. I dont read that these are free giveaway printables? Just querying..
    and I just want to mention that these are stunning.. I LOVE your artwork..

    1. Hello - Thankyou so much for telling me! I have had a look and sent the maker of the board a message. I don't know how effective that will be but I am grateful that you made me aware of it. Thankyou again for your help and for your lovely compliments! Take care!

    2. So you are not able to save pictures of your drawings in Printables? It seems as though you took someone else's picture and used it for inspiration to draw these dresses but someone else is not permitted to use yours as inspiration? You even put their picture on your page and admitted to using it? Did they give you permission to use their post?

    3. Hello Terri,
      I am sorry if you are upset. As you can see the message I sent you on pinterest is from many, many months ago. I received no reply at the time and I did not pursue it further. I realized that the error was mine in that I had not protected my artwork in any way with a watermark or other identification. I was new to the blogging and etsy worlds and I had things to learn. I have corrected that and since I know that many people have pinned my artwork the damage is essentially done and I have simply taken care with all of my future pieces. I cannot list something for sale on etsy if it is readily available all over the web. I'm sure you can understand that. I am flattered that you take "inspiration" from my work and I acknowledge that I am inspired by many pictures and artists that I come across as well. My work is original and hand drawn by me so I do take a certain amount of interest in where I see it.

  3. Adore the original photo, and love your beautiful drawings.

  4. In a word.....breathtaking !!

  5. These bare so beautiful,I love them all.

  6. All the adjectives used before me are true! Here is mine: O M G
    I've tried to imagine myself in each one of them. Unfortunately they only fit on my left leg :(
    If you ever get "larger" inspirations let me know, LOL