Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Loving Lace

"Lace - the invention of a goddess and the occupation of a queen."

     I have always loved lace - loved the intricacy of each piece and the way it can lighten and embellish any surface. I have yearned for the beautiful antique lace from Europe on ebay and gone green with envy at the stories my friends brought back of the lace shop in Brussels. If I should ever be lucky enough to go there it will be very difficult to choose a single souvenir! The romance of lace is one that goes back centuries to eras when ladies and gentlemen alike adorned their clothing with the finest lace. Today, where I live at least, it is difficult to find and when I happen across a piece - however small - it is a great treasure! I love to read about lace, its history, and collectors whose own finds are so spectacular. Two of my most favorite articles of this kind are found in the beautiful Victoria magazine the January/February 2010 and Jan/Feb 2011 issues, which both feature the stunning collection of Pat Kerr. Here are a few of the beautiful photographs taken from these articles - stay tuned for the post following this one with photographs of the lace in my own home!

To buy these wonderful issues of Victoria Magazine and others visit their website
and click the tab entitled 'More': Victoria


  1. Dear Jennelise:
    Your blog is excellent, as indeed is your soul. I delight in these things so delicate and dream. Thank you very much for sharing.
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    Regards ♥♥♥

  2. Очень красивые кружева! Волшебно!

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  5. obsessed with all the lace! I have been trying to find a pretty lace to make curtains....so far no luck but omg, love all this.

  6. What a beautiful blog! Like you, I love everything lace!