Monday, June 20, 2011


"Friends are the most important ingredients in this recipe of life."
                                ~ Abraham Lincoln

     I have been a bridesmaid a few times and it is always very exciting! Bridal showers, dress fittings, and the happy frenzy of the day itself when all of the preparation is complete and there is nothing left but the celebrating! I had fun searching for beautiful bridesmaid items and I have some VERY pretty things to show you from Etsy shops and Anthropologie's BHLDN as well as another drawing I did especially in honor of bridemaids from Jennelise Rose Bridal Couture! (To see my Bridal Couture Wedding Gowns go to my previous post titled Bridal Bliss.) I hope you enjoy perusing the photos and will visit the shops to see more lovely things!

11. Noaki
15. Drawing by Jennelise

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