Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nelly Vintage Home

"If I'm honest, I have to tell you that
I still read fairy tales and I like them
best of all."
                ~Audrey Hepburn

   It seems I am not having as much time to blog lately. I have so many ideas and not so many hours in the day to bring them into being! I am going to try and devote more time to it in the next little while. I miss taking pictures! I made the time this morning but then it rained and all of the sunshine was swallowed up in clouds! Sigh. Oh well - in the mean time (while I am waiting for sunshine) I have a beautiful blog I recently discovered to share with you. It is called Nelly Vintage Home and even though the blog itself is in another language (and I can't figure out how to translate it) - the pictures alone are stunning! I want to live in those dreamy photos! I hope you like them and that your summer is splendid and lovely so far!


  1. Здравей Jennelise, благодаря ти за хубавите думи и за внимението, което си отделила в твоя блог за мен. За мен е голямо щастие и удоволствие, защото аз много харесвам твоя блог и го следя с интерес.
    Прегръдки от мен и хубава седмица.

  2. I love the pink fairy wings & peony roses are my favourite!


  3. Just visited this beautiful blog! And OH MY, you are so right, such wonderful photos!! I was able to translate this blog, as there is a bar at the top, which allows me to do so ~ is there not one on yours? It's in Bulgarian. Thank you for letting us know about this blog!!

  4. My gosh- What a gorgeous, gorgeous blog! I am headed over to visit- xo Diana

  5. Oh, that does look like a lovely blog. Must go check it out.