Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fairytale Crown

"If I'm honest I have to tell
you I still read fairy-tales and
I like them best of all."
             ~Audrey Hepburn

   I have the "crafting" bug (along with the flu - stupid flu - I'm not talking about it anymore. It doesn't exist. Maybe if I ignore it it will go away in a huff and leave me alone. They're calling it the 100 day flu. Stupid name for a stupid flu. I'm on day 40 or something like that, I dunno they're blurring together. Whatever it doesn't exist. I'm placid as a lake. Calm as a stone. One with the universe. Stupid flu with the stupid name doesn't stupid well exist) and I have been having so much fun going through all of the ideas that I have wanted to try for ages! I have wanted to make a fairytale crown for FOREVER. I see them on pinterest and I have always sat and studied the pictures wondering how someone actually made something so pretty. Well last week I sat down and just did it! It was definitely tricky. I think it turned out well though. I have listed this crown in my Etsy Shop. It is one of a kind! Here are a few pictures I took for you of my pretty Fairytale crown...


  1. Perfect! It is so pretty...someone is really going to treasure this.

  2. Perfect! It is so pretty...someone is really going to treasure this.

  3. Oh my Jennelise so sorry to hear your still not well with the "stupid"
    I really hope you feel better soon gosh I never knew the Flu could last so darn long....
    It's a wonder your creative juices are flowing....
    Your crown is stunning.....
    Prayers going your way for a speedy recovery....


  4. A "May Crowning" is a traditional Roman Catholic ritual that occurs in the month of May, honoring the Virgin Mary as the "Queen of the May", and your "crown" would be magnificent!

  5. this is so beautiful.. what a great job you did.. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope that you feel better soon..thank you for sharing your gorgeous creation.

  6. Your crown is amazing, how wonderfully creative and such fantastic use of your time when your down with the non-existent flu hehehe...

  7. The crown is stunning & your blog is beautiful!