Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mummy's Collage

“Gilbert put his arm about them.
'Oh, you mothers!' he said. 'You mothers!
God knew what He was about when He made you.”
          ~ L. M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams
    I have had a touch of the flu lately and have been busy trying to cope with work and the general busy-ness of life. Still - I managed to finish an extra special project! I have been taking commissions recently for 'about me' collages inspired by the one I did about myself and all of the things I love. My Mum has looked at each one I have finished and exclaimed at how beautiful it was and then, with a sad face, helped me mail it far away. Finally I told her it was her turn and asked her for a list of things she wanted in her own personal about me collage! She gave me a list (more complex, specific, and labor intensive than every other list I have been given - but rightly so!) and I went to work. The main difference between my Mummy's collage and every other one I have done including mine is that she requested her own personal Marie Antoinette. I looooooove drawing anything marie antoinette-esque including shoes, gowns, carriages, etc. and drawing Marie Antoinette herself is the best of all! ---but also a bit tricky. All of that hair! Anyway, here is the finished project which my Mummy loves and has been insisting for a few days now that I share with everyone! Enjoy the pictures of this 'About My Mummy' collage...


  1. How absolutely delightful and what a great idea. The detail in your work is amazing.

    Lee :)

    1. Thankyou Lee! I'm so glad you stopped by!

  2. How very beautiful. The details are wonderful.

  3. Oh how beautiful! It really is something!

  4. I love your drawings they are so whimsical and romantic :)


  5. Be still, my heart!!♥ What an amazingly talented artist you are! Your mum's collage is just exquisite... a real treasure that she will cherish always.


  6. Your Mummy collage is amazing, your Mum is really lucky to have an artist daughter like you.
    I'm sure she will treasure this forever.
    All the details are so delicate, I love it.

    1. Thankyou Angela you are so sweet! :) My Mum definitely likes having two artsy daughters haha! She says that she doesn't know where we got it from that she isn't artistic herself at all, which of course isn't the least bit true as anyone who looks at our home would know! Take care!

  7. Wow Jenny that collage is fabulous! Your mum must be thrilled to pieces! And I might add we seem to love all the same things *winks* Vanna

  8. My is impossible for me to put into words just how brilliant this is, dear Jennelise...spectacular!!!
    You and your precious mum are so blessed....
    Gorgeous and stunning...the details!!
    Hope you are feeling well again!
    - Irina

  9. What a beautiful collage - it's a work of art - your mum must be thrilled!


  10. oh I can't stand it! LOL how gorgeous it all is, totally! The details! what a treasure and so unique! should definitely be proud...these are stunning!

  11. So you drew it. It is so wonderfully beautiful all of it..

    Oh very detailed. Romantic, Have you ever seen Patricia Romance's paintings.

    She does the vintage homes and I think she may have done ladies like this you have done.

    My daughter wil be 50 in a year or so.
    I would love to master something like this being so ellegant.

    My daughter is the very ellegant lady she walks with self pride of her body with such a mazing smile and long hair. Oh she would love this. Only Moms can say this right. Daughters are a Moms pride because we are Moms.

    You have given me some encouragement. The way you did this is a very spatacular approach. I love to create but never really reached out with pretty faces of yet.
    You have so much going on that is pretty, pretty.You said you drew it. What have you got it mounted on? Oh this is stunning. You make everyone want to do it. I do. Words are only words right.
    The approach is the thing that makes it happen. Your art is a gift from God.

    It is beautiful, beautiful.

    I hope you are soon feeling better. I will pray for you.

    God bless!