Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Pretty Chair

"To read a poem in January
is as lovely as to go for a walk
in June."
         ~Jean Paul Sartre

   It is very cold and every time I look out of the window my vision is obscured by the fall of powdered clouds of snow. I've had a bad flu bug so I've been able to avoid going outside. I even joked with a friend today that I planned on hibernating till April. January always feels like such a sleepy month to me. November and December are chaotic and full of activity. January is the pleasant and nostalgic sigh when all of the festivities are finished. Like the new year settling into herself - she doesn't quite know what she's going to look like yet. 
   I took a few photos the other day (before I was properly bedridden) of some pretty treasures discovered just before Christmas. I love this little chair with it's curly gold back and burlap pleated seat. It was perfect for the cream vanity! I also happened upon the Florentine tray with the bow handles. It was a bright gold when I bought it and looks beautiful painted this soft cream colour with the bright gold shining through. The pink powder jar was an online purchase - every now and again I get lucky! As soon as I am up and about again I will be on the hunt for more treasures for the etsy shop (and maybe for me;). In the meantime happy January! 


  1. Everything looks so pretty. Love the pink Roses! The plates and everything is so nicely displayed.

  2. The chair and the vanity make a perfect pairing...very pretty!

  3. That chair is just adorable and is a wonderful fit for the vanity. Your pictures are just lovely. I found you before but, it was when Google wasn't working right ~ again, I'm your newest follower.

  4. Hello Jennelise. I hope you are feeling better by now. I also spent most of my holidays terribly sick. It was awful.

    Your pictures are divine. They always lift my spirits. That little vanity chair is perfectly feminine and functional. Your roses are spectacular. Do you sell them also?

    Wishing you a lovely week,