Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Satin and Velvet

"Cosette...dreamed of a happiness
without limit clothed in satin and velvet."
                       ~Victor Hugo

    One of my favorite blogs for finding fabulous and unique photos that inspire is The Sea Has Neither Meaning Nor Pity. I have mentioned it before because I often see a picture there that makes me want to do a drawing! It predominantly showcases photos from runway shows, fashion photoshoots, magazines, etc. I was looking through the past few months posts the other day and found so many spectacular pictures I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you! These photos are mysterious, feminine, lovely, or alluring and all of them give me goosebumps. I hope you like looking through them - maybe one or two will inspire you the way they did me! (P.S. I have also included a little doodle from my old sketchbook)

Drawing by Jennelise


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous my friend! As I was looking at all the beautiful pictures I was wondering what would be the primary inspiration for your drawing? Beautiful girls with BEAUTIFUL hair!! How I wish mine looked like that *winks* You're so very talented Jennelise! Vanna

  2. Lovely collection! Jennelise, I've just gone through your artwork. Your drawings are very, very beautiful. Are you selling your work? – g

  3. Haha! Yes Vanna I do love to draw hair and I definitely wish mine looked like photos! Thankyou Georgianna! I am definitely working on getting an etsy shop online soon so that the artwork will be available for purchase - I will also be taking commissions. Stay tuned! Thankyou for your interest and your kind words!

  4. I really love the beautiful braids :)

  5. Ohh Jenelise what a fabulous, truly divine post! Far too much beauty to take in, I am going to start again and savour each sublime image! The black lace over ballet slipper pink gown is my favourite! Your drawing is enchanting!!!! Hugs from an old farmhouse in England - Glenda xxx