Monday, April 28, 2014

A Beautiful Mess II

"The best part of beauty
is that which no picture
can express."
       ~Francis Bacon

  I was browsing through files of old photographs I have taken the other day - doing a little spring cleaning - and I came across a vignette that I did for a post called A Beautiful Mess back in November 2011. I remembered how fun it was making that messy display and I decided to try it again! I love lace and pillows and flowers and when they are all grouped together I think the effect is very lovely. I think it gives a room a very romantic and unrestrained look to have lace draped here and there as if you just left it by chance, strings of pearls sitting in clusters on the side of your dressing table, or a bevy of plump cushions gathered on an old-fashioned seat. Fabrics soften a room and layers always add texture and interest. I like to be able to see something beautiful wherever I look!
 I also have new treasures which I will be adding to the shop soon so keep checking back in the next day or so! 

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  1. You always capture the essence of femininity perfectly, Jennelise!

    Those pictures are lovely!

  2. It is a beautiful mess indeed, the best kind of mess to have!


  3. Your display of mess is much better than the ones my grandchildren and husband leave behind. Mine at least have some ribbons, patterns, and pretty boxes left around, though not as pretty as yours! I collect decorative boxes to store my "mess" in and love the heart boxes. Do you know who makes them? They are so pretty. I like your aubusson rug and am currently shopping for one for our living room. Hoping my puppies do not like it too much!!!

  4. Your beautiful mess is indeed beautiful! Do you have any information on the aubusson pink rose rug underneath the chair? Everything is exquisite!

    1. Thankyou so much! I'm afraid the rug was purchased from a local shop here in Canada that specialized in French decor - they have just closed. I definitely shed some tears over it! There are so few romantic decor places where I live! I have seen beautiful aubusson rugs listed on ebay before if you want to look there. Thanks again!

  5. Hello, hello! What an outstandingly beautiful mess of a post. I can definitely picture myself sitting on the floor on your amazing rug surrounded by your assortment of lace and floral boxes and flowers and all things beautiful. I'd feel like a little girl once again sitting in a pile of leaves, absolutely happy and content. Sigh . . . that was then and now is now.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Christine!
      Thankyou so much! It's so lovely to hear from you! I'm sure your home is lovely too! Having a family changes the way you decorate - my Mum didn't have the kind of style she really wanted until my sister and I were all grown up :) I hope you have a marvellous week!
      Jennelise xx

  6. A beautiful mess for sure! Now I want to make a mess --a beautiful one anyway. Thanks for sharing your pretties!

  7. Oh, thats beautiful Mess...i wish to have mess like this in my home too and everyday hahah :D

    (i nominated your blog on sunshine blogger award)

  8. Oh, Jennelise, one can never call such beauty a mess! I fairly swooned. The chair is gorgeous and filled with the most fantastic of treasures. Fabulous!!!!