Monday, April 14, 2014


"I feel undressed if I don't have
my pearls on."
          ~Lady Sarah Churchill

   I have always loved pearls. They have a softness that is very elegant and timeless. I have taken to collecting strands of vintage pearls and sitting them in teacups or trays where I can look at them when I pass by. I hang them on mirror corners and drape them on hangers with pretty lace tops. They add a gentle sheen that you catch out of the corner of your eye. Quieter than gold or silver - pearls are the accessory that say class and sophistication. 


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  1. Always sweet, always girly ! Just a dream for "real" girls !!
    xoxo from PARIS


  2. Pérolas é um encanto sempre... amo.

  3. piekna bizuteria boskie dodatki ta porcelana kocham pozdrawiam z polski pomorskie

  4. Since pearls are my birthstone I love this post. What I like is that pearls are simple, soothing, with a soft subtle beautiful glow. Lovely post. I think I received your package from my etsy purchase. Since my husband was at home I wanted to wait until I was alone to enjoy the items. He doesn't see the world as I do, at least not rose covered porcelain, or pink ribbons!

  5. There is such beauty in pearls, just gorgeous photos..
    Tania xx

  6. I found you via Ivy and Elephants. I am so with you. I even make my own pearl jewelry. I wear pearls almost every day.

  7. Oh, such soft, lovely pictures! I love pearls, too, they are so beautiful and romantic. I love having a June birthday because that means my birthstone is a pearl! Beautiful post!