Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Miss Dior

"Deep in every heart slumbers
a dream, and the couturier knows
it: every woman is a princess."
              ~Christian Dior

   Have you heard of "Le Petit Theatre Dior"? I hadn't until a few days ago when I stumbled on a youtube video of the making of the "Miss Dior" dress. The Miss Dior dress was originally designed by Dior for their spring-summer haute couture collection in 1949. With a beautiful full skirt the gown is covered from bodice to hem in blossoms! What could be more beautiful? ...the miniature version of course! Le Petit Theatre Dior is an exhibition of famous Dior gowns made in miniature and displayed in beautiful animatronic scenes. I love the video showing the making of the petit Miss Dior dress. So much work into something so tiny! I decided to draw my own tribute to the Miss Dior dress with it's pretty pastels and myriad flowers. I also love the Miss Dior perfumes and the ad campaigns that go with them. I made my version of a Miss Dior floral perfume photo inspired by the incredible floral perfume ads. I hope you will watch the videos I am including of the making of two petit gowns and the Le Petit Theatre Dior exhibition. They are truly stunning! 

Making of the Miss Dior Dress

Le Petit Theatre Dior - The Exhibition

Making of the Mexique Dress


  1. The Video's were Soooo Beautiful!! As are your drawings. You continue to amaze me with your most exquisite talent. I look forward to each new post that you so generously share with us. Your truly amazing.

  2. Thank you for a beautiful post. Wouldn't it be fun to make small dresses on that mannequin?

  3. This is so sweet Jennelise..Your art work is so detailed and lovely! All of those flowers..Wow! :) I can't imagine the time it takes to draw each one. I enjoyed the video of the flower-making process. There's so much beauty to enjoy all through-out the post! Thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes for the rest of your week <3

  4. Waou....amazing!!! I wish you could make my wedding dress!!! You have the most exquisite talent. Thank you to share with us. Kind regards from Switzerland.

  5. Thank you for the share. These dresses are like a dream. It is so beautiful !!