Thursday, March 19, 2015

Roses and Fairy Dresses

"Loveliest of lovely things 
are they on earth that soonest 
pass away. The rose that lives 
its little hour is prized beyond 
the sculptured flower." 
              ~William C. Bryant

    I found the most beautiful roses the other day! Billowy pink stained petals they caught my eye from across the room and I couldn't leave without them. I only bought three but they have bloomed beautifully and brightened up my room. I have also been making miniature fairy dresses! I have been wanting to try my hand at tiny gowns for awhile - I have seen so many beautiful paper dresses on tumblr and pinterest! When I watched the Miss Dior petit theatre I suddenly felt that I had to try and make some little dresses of my own! Listed in my Etsy Shop now are two little fairy dresses which I made myself. I hope you enjoy these photos! Spring is on the way!