Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Emma's Bridal Shower

"There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved."
               ~George Sand

   After a lovely and exhausting weekend I finally have some bridal shower pictures to share! The party was a great success with A LOT of wonderful friends, superb food, beautiful gifts, and FUN!!! My Nana made chicken crepes and a gorgeous salad for the luncheon and there were beautiful treats for dessert! I ended up giving Emma a plethora of goodies I found in about ten different stores (I just couldn't decide on one thing!!). I did order a very pretty black and white polka dot apron from the wonderful Etsy shop Creative Chics. There is a picture of it below with another beautiful apron a friend of ours bought her from Anthropology. She is going to be so pretty when she's in her kitchen!! I hope you like these photos of the day - I only had time to take a few pictures of the gifts afterwards - there were many more! Emma's favorite color is green and everyone seemed to know it!! I designed the bridal shower invitations from one of the gowns I drew last year (her favorite one). Enjoy the pictures!


  1. how lovely is everything, and especially the efforts on your part Jennelise. You both look like Princesses from bygone days, and the eyes are beautiful windows to the soul.

  2. Looks like you all had a great party! The picture of you and Emma is beautiful.

  3. Ooooh! Dear Jennelise, I just knew it would be fabulously gorgeous!
    You and your sweet sister are so generous to share this special day.
    I agree with Lady of the Woods, you both do look like beautiful princesses from another era...so lovely!
    And the gorgeous invitations...wow.
    - Irina
    (I love that mini teacake pan!)

  4. Oh- it is all just beautiful...as is your precious girl. Blessings-xo Diana

  5. Thankyou so much! You are all so sweet! Emma did look like a princess for her shower. She was wearing a beautiful vintage lace dress and I bought the little crown for her. :) I'm glad you like the pictures! The little teacake pan is wonderful - I bought it from Williams and Sonoma. The mini tiered wedding cakes were also made using a beautiful nordicware pan. They have such nifty things! Thanks again!

  6. So gorgeous, Jennelise! Your daughter is positively angelic. You sure did an amazing job. Can't wait to see the wedding! Fabulous pictures.

  7. Oh what a lucky sister you have! The shower looks like it was just beautiful and she was certainly "showered" with gifts! Love all of your beautiful pics.

    Thank you for your kind comments when you stopped by my place.


  8. Thank you for sharing your sister's special day with us. Absolutely beautiful!

  9. Oh my gosh - what a stunning bridal shower - she is a lucky girl. All the details are superb!


  10. Hi Jennelise,
    Congratulations to your sister! The bridal shower was a lovely on ... and the invitations that you designed are gorgeous!

  11. Hi Jennelise, what beautiful bridal invitations you created, I bet your sister was so blessed by your giving heart! XO Christie