Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wedding Inspiration

"Weddings remind us that our lives have
meaning and that love is the strongest bond,
the happiest joy, and the loveliest healing we
can ever experience."
            ~Daphne Rose Kingma

   With my sister's wedding date steadily approaching my family and I are coming down to crunch time when all the important decisions must be made, plans finalized, and dreamy ideas made reality. One of the first things I did when Emma announced she was engaged was begin an epic search for beautiful wedding decoration ideas. ...And then I made a little scrapbook of all the pictures complete with tiny notations, sketches, and shopping locations. Yes, I am a tad intense. Luckily my sister loved the book and my Mum has been using it as a constant reference. I'm sure I will be sharing pictures of said book before long, but today I have a different kind of wedding inspiration to share with you! I have shown you my polyvore collages before but just to refresh Polyvore is a great site where you can make collage/inspiration boards of beautiful things related to everything from fashion, interior design, photography, and more. Of course I had to do a few wedding sets and post them here! I hope you enjoy them - I had a lot of fun making them and going through all of the beautiful bridal items out there. All of the designer gowns and six tiered wedding cakes with icing rosebuds, bedazzled slippers, and spectacular bouquets! Is there anything more beautiful than a wedding?? I don't think so.

For fun I want to know what your wedding ideas are - the beautiful weddings you have been to or photos you have seen that just made you gasp. I'm sure there are many! If you want to email me pictures I would love to see them! (jenneliserose@hotmail.com) Who knows - if somebody sends me something that is just truly stunning and I show it to my Mum and Sister and it somehow ends up incorporated into our own decorating plans I might just have to send that person a free gift!

Also - here is a new drawing I did this week!

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  1. All things wedding, yay! I am hosting a wedding shower at my home this weekend for a dear friend! Thanks for the energy boost, I'm zonked from preparing!

  2. What a talented artist you are. Beautiful wedding inspiration!

  3. these are gorgeous Jennelise! and once again you have inspired me. The "silver" one I love the best, it "awed" me....except for the cake and shoes, everything in it is me to a T....that dress! I think I really have to make one!....and I already have the perfect Fairy Tale Slippers in silver for it. You may enjoy reading my fairy tale story :D http://fairycafeandgarden.blogspot.com/2012/04/fairy-tale-slippers.html

  4. These are all exquisite, dear Jennelise, as is your beautiful drawing...
    So romantic!! What a fun time this is for your family...
    Enjoy, enjoy!! :)
    - Irina