Saturday, May 5, 2012

Etsy Bridal Shower

"Hearts and flowers,
ribbons and lace,
the look of love is on her face.
A happy heart is hard to hide,
this little lady will soon be a bride!"

   I haven't had a chance to post anything the last few days because I have been so busy getting ready for my sister's bridal shower! So many things to do! In my quest for the right gift in the past month I did spend a lot of time on Etsy browsing through all of the beautiful vintage and handmade possibilities for presents. I found some lovely things and I thought - since it is bridal season now - I might not be the only one in need of ideas! So here are some of the beautiful things that I found and thought would make sweet wedding or shower gifts! I hope you enjoy looking through them and remember to take a peek at the Etsy stores they come from for more goodies!

1. Found Vintage Objects
2. High Tea for Alice
3. Creative Chics Aprons
4. Lulu & Luca
5. vixyvixy
6. Wisps Gathering Beauty
7. Bragging Bags
8. Erin's Artwork
9. Ninainvorm
10. City Chic Country Mouse
11. Delightful Dressmaker
12. Petits Details
13. Daisy Chain Vintage
14. Vintage Soup
15. Go Go Snap
16. Old Vintage Goodies
17. Sparkle Power
18. Zenful Goods


  1. WOW such pretties, I love every single item you found - great ideas for showers!

    Hope you have a great time!!

  2. how thoughtful of you to share these for others who may be looking for gifts :D I know no one getting married nor even close, but these are still beauties to enjoy! blessings, Lady

  3. These are all such beautiful items! Thank you so much for including our Scissor Sleeves!

  4. What beautiful, beautiful things you have here. I love how sweet and "girly" everything is. Great job! xo Diana

  5. Thank You, Jennelise for including my bowl. You must all be so excited as your sisters wedding day approaches. I look forward to seeing photos of the lovely day.


  6. These are the fun years for you and your sister, as you accumulate lots of beautiful and favorite things in your young adulthood in which to feather your nest, no matter if you're married or not. I often remember the time in my early 20s when I'd decided it was probably time for me to leave my parents' home (not with any kind of negative vibes but simply because it was "time") and beginning to shop for apartment decor and some furniture here and there. It was rewarding; almost thrilling (seriously!). I ultimately lived as a single woman for 13 years before I married, and I so enjoyed my things around me, no matter where I lived. That was a lot of years ago and I can't imagine, nowadays, the temptations I'd have faced with the web (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.). I've repeated this many times but I think the thing to keep in mind, as a younger woman adding to her collections and accessories, is to purchase with beauty, function and comfort in mind. This is Rachel Ashwell's sage advice. She's said that each thing you have should meet that criteria. There are a lot of goodies out there, and you can fill up your space much too quickly, so make sure it's stuff you love, with good quality. As for bridal showers and wedding gifts, I wound up not having the big wedding I was in the midst of planning (c'est une longue histoire) and requested no gifts with my marriage announcement but, of course, long-time friends thought that was nonsense and showered me with a few things I treasure today, not the least of which is one simple, special, elegantly-cut clear glass bud vase (which actually has good heft, so that it doesn't easily tip over). Sixty years later, my mother could still point out to me each and every wedding gift she'd received. It means something for most women, so I think it's wonderful you've spent so much time getting the very right thing for your sis. Thanks for the inspiration and great gift ideas! Drool-worthy pretties! We here do enjoy your good taste, Jennelise.

  7. I know...Etsy is amazing...That apron is adorable!!

  8. Etsy is my dream shopping mall...
    How fun for you, Jennelise! An exciting time to be sure, and I can't wait to see the party photos...
    - Irina

  9. I, too, can't wait to see the bridal party photos and also that of whatever your sister chooses to let you share with us from the wedding. I won't be blogging for the next couple of months, but I will catch up with your blog after the dust has settled. Au revoir for now, Jennelise, and I hope you have some fun times with this whirlwind of activity in your house over the next weeks!