Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Mother's Room

 "This was a woman's room, graceful, fragile,
the room of someone who had chosen every 
particle of furniture with great care, so that
each chair, each vase, each small infinitesimal
thing should be in harmony with one another,
and with her own personality." 
                     --'Rebecca' by Daphne DuMaurier 

  Since I was small my Mother always took me shopping with her. She has a love of beauty that she has passed on to me. Our most favourite pastime is when we're together scouring the antique shops for treasures. People have known this about us for a very long time but I don't think they really understood. That's why I wanted to display these vignettes from our home. Everything was gathered with love and comes with memories of us sharing the anticipation and excitement of the hunt. These photographs are of my Mother's bedroom. I hope you enjoy them!

Drawing by Jennelise