Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pink Glass

"Cool rain
   soft and watery breath
spelling words on the windows
    and my fingertips
The lilacs on the table
                at my pink dreams."

   I have recently started to collect pink glass. I only have a few pieces but I think that it is so pretty! I have a small little compote and some depression glass dishes that I sit on my vanity and also a little miniature vase. Some of the pictures I have taken are of beautiful pink glass that is in the antiques store where I work. Depression glass comes in a few different colors but the pink (which is more of a peachy color) is my favorite. It was made during the Great Depression in the US and Canada and is extremely collectible now. I of course just like it because it is pink!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Pinboard

"My aim is to put down on paper
what I see and what I feel in the
best and simplest way."
           ~Ernest Hemingway

    I love collecting pictures. I have them in boxes, files, folders, scattered on the floor, framed on my walls, and you have seen how much I love to make inspiration scrapbooks so full with images of beautiful things that you can hardly turn the pages. Pictures - whether they are photographs or artwork - inspire and uplift me. I have seen so many photographs of pinboards and moodboards and gorgeous collages that people have made and displayed in their homes. I have wanted to make one for myself for a long time! This has been my little project for the past month - because of course I didn't just want to go to the office supplies store and come home with a plain corkboard. No no it had to be pretty and feminine and completely me! I bought an antique frame and some pretty fabric to hide the corkboard and I have been collecting pictures and baubles and pretty pins for a few weeks! This is the result - my pretty pinboard...

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