Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Dreams

"The days may come, the days may go,
But still the hands of memory weave
The blissful dreams of long ago."
              ~George Cooper 1877

    Today was the last day of August and I found myself wishing that it would never end. It isn't that I don't like fall or that I expect that tomorrow summer will be gone for good - I have just loved summer this year and really would rather it stayed an extra month! Instead the leaves are starting to change colors already. Oh well - here are a few pictures I have taken in tribute of beautiful summer...I hope you like them and I want to say thankyou for all of the sweet comments about my bedroom post. You are all so lovely!

                                                              Drawing by Jennelise

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My New Bedroom

"Is it possible to love the past and live
in contemporary comfort? Yes, these
rooms reply, most certainly yes."
                  ~Claire Whitcomb

   I mentioned the changes I made to my room a little while ago and promised pictures of the finished result. I decided that I wanted my room to look a little less disconnected - it happens sometimes that I like so many different things that when they are put together the overall look is a little jumbled. I realized that I wanted there to be more coordination and elegance. I moved my pretty painted pieces out and brought in the grander natural finish of the pieces my Mother has given me: the burled vanity and pretty upholstered chair. My bookcase was instantly claimed by my sister who has I think three or four already (but insists you can never have TOO many bookcases and miraculously fit my little yellow one in with no difficulty). I also replaced the nouveau style iron mirror above my antique nightstand with a fantastic mirror from Paris my Mum discovered for me at an antique shop. The vitrine is the same wood finish as the vanity and nightstand, and holds my collection of pink and green french and european china. The painting of a rose on a book is by my favorite artist and good friend Helen Flont. There are also a few Meadowstreet  roses (of course - because I can't go more than three feet without looking at one). I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures. I took quite a few because I am so happy with my new bedroom and there are lots of detail shots. :)

Drawing by Jennelise