Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Vintage Romance

"The world's favourite season
is the spring. All things seem
possible in May."
        ~Edwin Way Teale

    I have a few very lovely antique acquisitions which I found back in April on a little trip I took with my family. I have only just got the chance to photograph them! The first is a little antique iron bench which has been reupholstered in a soft floral fabric. I painted it cream to match my vanity and I am so happy with how it turned out! I also found a beautiful Limoges demitasse cup and saucer with a very intricate pattern of roses and filigree gold. It is so rare that I find pretty china lately! The little Limoges plate was also a find - I gave it to my Mum for Mother's Day but I knew she wouldn't mind me photographing it first. :) Probably my most exciting find was the small French antique ormolu gilt clock which I have sat on my dresser. I saw it tucked in the back of a shop and my first thought was "That looks like something that would be on Marie Antoinette's dressing table!" --so of course it had to come home with me. The ormolu box with the bevelled glass was an antique show find and I recently listed it in my Etsy shop along with the little handmade Fairy Ballgown with the blush sparkly skirt, and the vintage pearl and rhinestone tiara! I discovered the oval gold gesso frame at a show as well. It had a dark petit point in it and I changed it for a vintage floral that is one of my favourites. I bought the little salt shaker because I knew it would hold my small hat pins - I love the tiny vintage ones with pearls and beads. It is always so exciting when I happen upon antiques with that little bit of romance! 

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  1. Hi, Jenn! Unfortunately, some shopping trips are a total bust. But this particular one - wow! What an enjoyable shopping excursion you must have had! To return home with armloads of beautiful goodies. Good for you!
    However, I have a question for you: Where is Marie Antoinette hiding out in your house? I'm convinced she simply has to be living there. With all those pretties? Hee-hee.
    Thank you so much for sharing . . . take care.

  2. This is so elegant and totally lovely. I'm afraid that I would feel like a bull in a china cabinet . . . I'm just too klutzy for anything this delicate and lovely, but I do admire the beauty:)

  3. All your new finds are gorgeous Jennelise. The bench you painted cream is the perfect match for your dressing table. The gilt clock is indeed beautiful but my fave is the gilt and glass trinket, l'm always on the lookout for one:-)

  4. soo much gold and pink and prettiness! It is truly romantic.

  5. Hi, i'm a new follower. Your blog is gorgeous and rich of beauty. Your pictures and your pink items are fairy.

  6. pretty stuff, just how i would love to live. god bless you