Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Vintage Holiday Magazine

"Frame your mind to mirth and
merriment which bars a thousand
harms and lengthens life."
                   ~William Shakespeare

I'm so excited to share this news with you! I have been featured in the gorgeous 2018 issue of Vintage Holiday on news stands now! It was such a pleasure working with them to share my pastel Christmas decor. This issue is just full of beautiful inspiration for the season! Here is a sneak peek of the feature... 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

My Pink Pinboard

"Magic happens when you do not
give up, even though you want to.
The universe always falls in love 
with a stubborn heart."

    Once again I am apologizing for having not posted in awhile and I hope you will forgive me. I truly do enjoy blogging and I love to share pictures of my home and everyday with you. I don't want to get too personal but by way of an explanation the past few months have been very difficult ones in my home and in my family. My Grandad passed away and it was a very sad time and then shortly after this my own Father had a heart attack and needed open heart surgery. I have been reeling a little and trying to regain my footing in the face of so many changes! But here I am! 
     I have still been working on decorating and fixing up my new home which has been exciting and rewarding. I love being married and I love having my own home to style! One of my newest projects I want to share with you today! I have had several pin boards over the years in my studio but I think my latest one is my absolute FAVOURITE! I bought a large antique frame and painted it a stunning blush pink colour and then brushed it with gold along the gorgeous carvings. I have made this pin board a little more relaxed and just filled it with things I knew would make me feel good every time I looked at them. I put wedding memorabilia on it including my wedding invitation (which I designed myself), a card from my sister, a snapshot from the day, and a drawing I did of a wedding gown many years ago. There is a list of things I still need/want for my home (a condensed list ;), a few handmade pieces of my own including a fairy dress, Gillyflower, and a handmade necklace, drawings, a little section devoted to my niece with a card she wrote me, a picture of us, and a little fairy ornament she loves. I have an antique ormolu frame with a childhood picture of my sister and me and a little lavender and gold frame with a picture from an artist I like, bits, bobs, sayings, and of course lots of sparkle. I love to stare at it when I'm sat at the computer and it completes my little room. I hope you will enjoy the pictures and please feel free to leave me a comment letting me know what you might like to see on the blog in the future! 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bath and Beauty

"I think being in love with life
is a key to eternal youth."
            ~Doug Hutchison

   We girls spend a lot of time in our powder rooms (or bathrooms if you'd prefer). It makes sense that we want them to be pretty, soothing places where we can begin and end our day. When I moved into my new home with my husband and started to think about how I wanted to decorate- the bathrooms were the first place I started! In today's post I want to share some of my decor choices and a few of my favourite products in my beauty regime! 

I wanted to add touches of femininity to the bathrooms and still retain their neutral elegance. For Christmas this year my Mum gave me this stunning picture by Gregory Gorham that has been embellished with sparkling swarovski crystals. 

Finding unique ways to store all of my beauty products has always been a challenge. I needed something functional but wanted something pretty that could sit out in the open as well. This box from Bed Bath and Beyond with the little drawer was perfect!

These are the five beauty products that I would say I can't live without:
1. Sephora Blotting Papers with Tea Tree
2. Pony Effect Cushion
3. Two Faced Love Flush Justify my Love Blush
4. Amazing Grace Perfume by Philosophy
5. Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask by Origins

I love perfume but my skin is also very sensitive so it is always hard to find one that is gentle enough but also has a lovely scent that I can wear all day. At the moment my absolute favourite is the Amazing Grace by Philosphy but I also wear Ted Baker's Mia which comes in this gorgeous little jewel topped pink bottle!

My sister is the skin care expert. I always go to her for suggestions and she is constantly bringing me things to try. As I mentioned my skin is extremely sensitive so finding skincare and beauty products that I can actually use is very difficult! All of my five favourites save the perfume came from her (not to mention many others that I love to use). Years ago she discovered the world of Korean makeup and skincare and became obsessed with it. My cushion by Pony Effect (which I'm obsessed with!) was one she brought to me when we were experimenting for my wedding look. I have a constant supply of sheet masks (if you have never tried these you must!) that she brings to me for a variety of needs including pore minimizing, moisturizing, and radiance. 

I love to try new lipsticks. My current favourite line is Clarins Joli Rouge which is moisturizing and gentle but with beautiful colour and wear. For special occasions (like date night) I wear Yves Saint Laurent. In the winter the Sephora lip balm is applied every few hours to keep my lips moisturized. 

I adore bath salts and milks. These pretty pastel pink rosehip bath salts are sitting in a beautiful antique jar that was a Christmas gift from friends. If you want to really indulge this Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath Soak from The Body Shop is heavenly. 

Another decor choice I made for our smaller main floor bathroom were these three Sid Dickens tiles. There are so many tiles to choose from but I loved that these three had a touch of romance. Every tile has a special name and comes with a little verse. These three are The Key, Everlasting Bloom, and the very recently retired Perennial.

My makeup brushes have to be pretty (and usually pink). The little rose gold pouch is from Mac with the three miniature brushes. 

I blow dry my hair - probably too much - and this BB All Style Cream helps to protect my hair. 

Another Korean cushion that I love is the Blossom White. Tarte, Too Faced, and Clarins are three of my favourite beauty brands. 

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my beauty favourites and bathroom decor! I would love to hear about your favourites! And remember...

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Spring Chintz

"No winter lasts forever;
no spring skips its turn."
              ~Hal Borland

   I have been under the weather for what feels like weeks and am definitely starting to wish that winter would end! Spring is really just around the corner though. I am dreaming of flowers in the house, wearing filmy blouses and toeless shoes again, the sound of birds in the morning outside my bedroom, and the return of colour to the world. The shops are starting to anticipate the changing season too and I can't wait to see what beautiful new decor they will have. One of my favourite shops is Chintz & Co which is actually a home decor and interior design shop here in the city where I live. I have a few special pieces from them in my home (and my eyes on a few more including those gorgeous Regina Andrews lamps I shared in my inspiration board post) and all of my wedding flowers came from there because they have the most beautiful collection of silk flowers you have ever seen! Sometimes I go there just for inspiration - especially since I am in my new home now and we are redecorating quite a bit. My Mum is my partner in crime when it comes to treasure hunting and she and I decided to see if spring had arrived at Chintz yet. Here is a peek at what we found and a few of the things that particularly inspired me. 

Oh the peonies...*sigh*

This incredible duvet cover and the gorgeous headboard! 

I love everything about this pink velvet sofa.

A soft blue bureau had me swooning...

Magenta! (The very bottom right is my favourite)

So many beautiful flower arrangements...

A very elegant chest

French style is my favourite! 

Incredible mirrored bureau! 

Milk glass chandelier and neutral artwork 

I already have a beautiful kitchen set but my Mum absolutely fell in love with these chairs! 

So many things to love! The bed, the mirrors, the velvet chair!! 

Ornate floral noir style

There's that exquisite headboard again! -And my beautiful Bella Notte Olivia lace throw in white. 

Pillows that look more like paintings! 

I would feel like a princess in this setting! 

So much colour here right now! 

And last of all this serene lady. Thanks for sharing my inspiring stroll with me. What was your favourite?