Wednesday, February 13, 2013


"Romance is the glamour which 
turns the dust of everyday life into 
a golden haze."
            ~Elinor Glyn

     Happy Valentine's Day! I hope that everyone is enjoying this pink and red holiday - kissing their sweethearts, loving their loved ones, or simply taking advantage of the many decadent Valentines treats peeking from so many shop windows (I know that I have!).  Life is very busy I know. I have a simple solution to keep myself from sinking under the tide of so many things to do, plans to make, and ideas to fret over - I make things pretty. In the middle of two crazy work weeks I have taken a few spare moments every morning to create something beautiful and romantic. Romance doesn't have to be just about relationships. I've mentioned before that romance can be a way of life - a style and a mantra! Living romantically means embracing beauty everywhere and allowing the softness of life to touch your heart. I know that every moment I spend creating or appreciating something lovely is time well spent!

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