Friday, February 27, 2015

Daphne's Diary Feature

"Daphne's Diary is a diary in the form of a magazine. 
Daphne invites you into her creative world of homes 
and gardens, cooking, travel, crafts and shopping. She
writes about what she gets up to - experiences that 
readers can identify with and which form a source of 
inspiration. Each edition of Daphne's diary is a surprise. 
This diary magazine is produced from four types of paper 
and includes extra items, such as stickers, cards and things 
to fold, stick and cut out yourself."
                           ~Excerpt from the Daphne's Diary Website

   I have recently been featured in a beautiful magazine called Daphne's Diary which is published in Europe. It is such a stunning magazine filled with beautiful articles featuring homes, destinations, projects, and so many wonderful and inspiring images! It even has special extras that you can cut out and keep (the issue with my article has cut out paper lanterns, tags, and more!). I am so thrilled to be included in this magazine and the layout is just beautiful! You can purchase the magazine HERE - the official Daphne's Diary website. I would also recommend following them on FACEBOOK! You will find me in the first issue for 2015 along with many other beautiful articles and artwork! Thankyou so much Daphne's Diary!!! Here is a little peek: 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Corset Romance

"I think it is what is worn underneath 
that really inspires a woman to feel 
beautiful in her clothes -- that inner, 
secret glamour." 
              ~Alice Temperley

   I remember once when I was a teenager my Mum and I were walking around an antique store and I exclaimed at some exquisite little piece from the Victorian era. I can't remember what it was exactly, but I remember that it was something useful and not meant to be displayed - something that a lady would have put away in a drawer. I exclaimed, "Look at the detail! Why would they put so much work into something like this?". My Mum answered that everything in those days had its own elegance whether it was something useful or something to display. Ladies of the Victorian era (and I'm sure other time periods as well) surrounded themselves with beauty. I don't think I have ever forgotten that! I think that is why if you open any number of drawers in my house you will find something pretty. I think it is why I decorate my closet even though I am the only one who sees it, and I think that is why I have always loved lingerie. Lingerie can have the most exquisite details! I remember walking into a French lingerie shop and stopping to look at a lace bra on a mannequin - it was, simply put, a work of art! Why spend the time (and the money) on something that is mostly hidden? I think because secret beauty is a beauty we have cultivated just for ourselves. It can give us confidence, make us feel glamorous or elegant, in short it is a simple way to nourish our spirit. ...This is why when I saw this blush lace ballerina-esque corset stitched with jewels and tulle I couldn't say no. :) 

I also made the special hanger myself with ribbon flowers and lace. The corset is from the Dream Angels collection at Victoria's Secret.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Tea Party

"The best and most beautiful
things in the world cannot be
seen or even touched. They 
must be felt with the heart."
                    ~Helen Keller

   Yesterday I had a little Valentine's Tea! I have been planning it for a little while - something to look forward to because I have been under the weather for so long. I made decorations and invitations and planned the goodies we would have. It was so much fun! I found these lovely Rachel Ashwell paper lanterns in pretty floral patterns to decorate with. The goodies are from three of my favourite French bakeries and they were sooooooooo delicious! We also made little salmon and egg salad sandwiches (just so you don't think it was entirely composed of sweets and treats!). I made the "Love" banner and the pink flower garlands hanging from the chandelier. We exchanged pretty little gifts - the handmade ribbon hearts and Marie Antoinette card are a couple things I made as presents. I called the party a "Tea party" but we actually drank pink ginger ale :). I thought it was just perfect and I loved every minute of it! Happy Valentine's Day!

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