Friday, November 30, 2012

Rose Gold

"Christmas waves a magic wand over
this world, and behold, everything is
softer and more beautiful."
                   ~Norman Vincent Peale

    It has begun! The Christmas season is here (well for those of us who have had our trees up for the past couple weeks it started a little sooner) and I seem to have been going non-stop lately with very few spare minutes. It is exciting to be so busy but I am also hoping that it doesn't make the month go by faster because I want to savor my favorite holiday! I finally made the time to take a few more pictures this morning of my Christmas decorations. These photos show two of my favorite christmas colors - rose and gold. I love my little collection of hand blown glass ornaments. They are so magical! I love glittery gold at Christmas and the hunt for beautiful ornaments is always one of the highlights of Christmas shopping for me. I hope you like these pictures and are having fun preparing for the holidays!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...

"Snow flurries began to fall and
they swirled around people's legs
like house cats. It was magical
this snowglobe world."
                 ~Sarah Addison Allen,
                       The Sugar Queen

  I'm sure everyone is wondering where I've got to! My ancient computer has been giving me troubles lately - so much so that I have been answering my email correspondence and doing various other things at work instead of at home. Unfortunately I couldn't blog there! Here I am though and in spite of everything CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! My family and I went out and bought a new tree! It is much larger than our old one and I have been so excited to get it up and start decorating. I know it is a little bit early but I love, love, love Christmas. I have been so happy and eager to see the decorations going up in the shops and to start planning presents and fun surprises. Christmas is so WONDERFUL!!! I am also very excited to have reached 400 followers! Thankyou so much everyone for your support and for the kind words of encouragement that you always give to me. Here are a few photographs of the beginnings of my Christmas decorations. Stay tuned for more! P.S. I have also included a photo of a corner of one of my latest commissions that I love! :)

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Drawing by Jennelise

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Old Fashioned Ivory

"Peace -- that was the other name for
    ~Kathleen Norris

   I can't believe that it is November (I know I say that every month.)! A part of me is shocked that time is passing so quickly and the other part of me just wishes it was CHRISTMAS! It's coming though and I love the days leading up to it. I will just have to be patient. I have been so busy lately - thankyou to the lovely people who have been ordering commissions lately! What a wonderful, happy kind of busy! This weekend I have balanced between art"work" and family time and I have loved every minute of it. I haven't had a lot of extra minutes to take pictures this week because there has been so much happening but I did manage to snap these few and play with them late one evening. -------->What I love about my home: the softness of everything, the flowers, the ivory walls, the way everywhere you look there is something pretty, the ambience, the coziness, and all of the old-fashioned things.

P.S. I included a my favorite corner of one of my recent commissions at the end. I love the curly haired girl!