Friday, February 26, 2016

Pink Stripes and Polka Dots

"No winter lasts forever;
no spring skips its turn."
               ~Hal Borland

  I have had a cold all week and been thoroughly sick of being sick! This morning I woke up feeling blue when suddenly two lovely friends showed up on my doorstep with a box of chocolate croissants and a get well present in pretty flowery gift wrap and my spirits did a complete about face! A little bit of love (and pastries) can make all the difference in the world! I have been saving up a few pretty pictures to share. I was thrilled to come across another Charbonnel et Walker chocolates box - this one has pink stripes! I also found a little square box with a pink lid and polka dots. I should mention I have a weakness for pretty boxes (in case you didn't already know). The lovely vintage picture of the Marie Antoinette style Lord and Lady was a find from my recent treasure hunting trip. I haven't decided yet whether I am going to part with it. :) The beautiful vintage card with the pansies is from my friends this morning. They certainly know me well! I hope you are all having a lovely week and looking forward to spring as much as I am! 

This lovely little table was also a find on my recent antiquing trip. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vintage Girl

"Collect things you love,
that are authentic to you,
and your house becomes
your story." 
          ~Erin Flett

   I am definitely a vintage girl. I would say that most of what I choose to collect and surround myself with is vintage and if it isn't then it inevitably has a vintage "vibe" to it. This is why it was easy for me to open a shop and sell vintage treasures, because I am always looking for them! As I have said on numerous occasions nothing thrills me more than rounding the corner of a flea market, antique store, or sale and spotting something old and beautiful that has to come home with me. Because I was unwell for the start of the year I wasn't able to get out to do any treasure hunting (which drove me crazy!). This past weekend though I managed to get away for the weekend and did some antiquing. I took a few quick pictures with my phone of some of the pretties that I saw and I thought I would share them with you! Because if you are here then I'm going to make a quick guess and say that, like me, you are a vintage girl too. :) 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Day

"Love isn't something you find.
Love is something that finds you."
                  ~Loretta Young

  I love Valentine's Day - mostly because it is a 'pink' holiday! I exchange valentines with my loved ones and I ADORE seeing what my favourite chocolate shops come up with for this special day. I feel blessed to have so many people around me that I love and who love me! Happy Valentine's Day sweet friends!