Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pretty and Graceful

"Things are pretty, graceful, rich
elegant, handsome, but until they 
speak to the imagination, not yet 
         ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  I think I am getting used to the idea that it is Fall. Our street is lined with very tall trees and the leaves are turning gold and beginning to drop. I love to drive up this street on a beautiful Fall day with the blue sky and the sun shining through the trees and the leaves falling in little flurries onto the still green grass. It is a perfect day! I'm sure I will be fully acclimated to Autumn right when it decides to become Winter - and then there will really be tears! Oh well c'est la vie.
On another note -- Sometimes (alright nearly all the time) I find myself possessed by a thoroughly girly mood and I just have to take some pretty pictures. This past week when I felt that way my dear friend came over and together we satisfied our longing to be little girls again and dress up! We made use of my new three-panelled vanity mirror (a fabulous find from a local antique mall this past July - I turned the corner and there it was shoved into a corner and almost completely obscured by a tall stand and some pots! So exciting!), which I have sat on my little antique desk and styled a "Vanity" shoot. I hope you enjoy the pictures! They are always so much fun to take!

Also some NEW ITEMS in the Etsy Shop



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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Treasured Moments

"To love beauty is to see light."
             ~Victor Hugo

    I wonder sometimes about the passage of time. Everything runs so quickly and with such frantic energy sometimes I watch it passing me by and worry that I'm missing the essence of things. I tell myself that I don't have time to pause - read a few pages of a book, take a walk, sit in the garden. Those moments can't be wasted when there is so much to do! -And yet when I do pause I find myself becoming more aware of things around me, as if my mind was craving that small moment of rest and with it became clearer and better able to cope with all of the things I am pushing at it. Sometimes we just need to be still. Remember who we are and what we like. Look more closely at the people around us. Find moments of calm and beauty amidst the hurry and wear. 

That is my thought for the day! I know it is a frantic time of year for most people - the end of summer play and the beginning of a whole new season. I hope you are all taking the time to enjoy the change and stealing small moments of stillness to rejuvenate your spirit. 

I have been busy too! I am one of those people who finds it hard to relax and yet desperately needs to for her own mental and physical well-being. I'm learning when it is important to take those moments. Still there are always things that need to be done and one of them is adding a few new treasures to the Etsy Shop! I hope you will all have a look at these pretty things and that you have a wonderful and happy week! 

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Roses, Lace, and Pearls

"What a lovely thing a rose is."
           ~Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    September is here and I have been very busy gathering new things for the Etsy shop! Some beautiful china, lace, and vintage jewelry pieces have been added. Several items are also on sale for this week to mark the end of summer. Some will be removed at the week's end if they do not sell to make room for more new arrivals!

Thankyou so much to everyone who left such sweet comments about my Flower Girl photoshoot! I was so touched by the response. Your words and encouragement mean so much to me! Have a wonderful week!

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