Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drippy Crystals

"What would a room look like if your diamond ring inspired it?"
                                          ~Annette Tatum 'The Well Dressed Home'
     I saw a picture of a wall sconce with crystals once and the caption read "Dripping Wall Jewelry". Besides being a lovely photograph I found the comparison between the accessories we decorate our homes with and the baubles we adorn ourselves with to be charming! It's true that when we select objects to embellish a room the point is to draw the eye - to enhance or captivate. When I get up in the morning and choose an outfit, apply makeup, do my hair, etc, the last thing I do is open my jewelry box and select something from inside that will lend that finishing touch. Decorating with crystals really is a little like this finishing touch, a bit of bijoux for your room! Whether sparkling crystals hang around your neck or dangle from ceilings and walls the effect is the same...romance.

Drawing by Jennelise

Monday, April 25, 2011

Belle Jardinere

"We don't get to know anything but what we love."
                                        ~Van Goethe

   Personal style is so unique and changeable. It is a product of your personality, mood, associations, and everyday inspiration. Sometimes I get caught up in the excitement of new discoveries and purchase on a whim, those things never seem to last even though I may enjoy their newness for awhile. Some things though, some loves and colors, textures and tastes, never erode no matter how many years pass or how much you grow. Loving them becomes a part of who you are. For me one of those loves is beautiful old china - like this gorgeous jardinere pictured below with a few of my other favorites. The jardinere was bought from a very sweet lady whose Rubylane shop Only Fine Lines has some of the most exquisite china you'll ever see.

Drawing by Jennelise

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Night

"The tranquil vale, the enchanted citadel, -
Another day swoons to another night."
                             ~Hall Caine 'After Sunset'

     I love the moment when I first slip under the covers at night time and let the day go in favor of that dreamy, restful place between wakefulness and sleep. My family have said for years that I am like 'The Princess and the Pea' because I sleep with so many layers of blankets. I find the weight and warmth soothing. When I was a little girl I was afraid of the dark, but now I look forward to turning out my light, pulling my bed covers close, and letting my eyes close as I say goodnight to the day and hello to my dreams.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"Mirrors are magic, and behind their surface
surely there is another Alice world
where you can walk and talk"
            ~Elizabeth Brewster

    Mirrors are one of my favorite accessories to decorate a room with. In Feng Shui the use of mirrors in a room can shift the flow of energy, repel negative energy, and activate the flow of Chi. I could never have a room without one - for me they are essential! I especially love them if they have some history. The carefully carved roses and swags hanging across the glass of my Louis IV mirror, the satin etching on my Mother's, the lost silver that makes the reflections misty and faded. They all have a kind of magic! A mirror can make a room seem larger, it can enhance light, or simply ornament a wall like a piece of art. Sometimes the reflection is what gives the mirror some of its grace and beauty - a fact which I discovered while photographing them!

Drawing by Jennelise