Monday, May 25, 2015

Fairest Colours

"Among the many changing
months, May stands confest
the sweetest, and in fairest
colours dressed."
             ~James Thomson

    I seem to have a list this week of a million things that I have to do! Yesterday evening my list felt very overwhelming but when I woke up early this morning and the sun was streaming through my window I was eager to begin! I even gleaned an hour to put together a few vignettes to photograph. When I was editing they all seemed rather random but I think we could say the theme is decidedly soft and spring and colourful! I added a couple old and re-edited pictures from my ancient blogging files (if you have been with me from the beginning you might recognize them!). I hope that everyone enjoys this last week of May! 

I also have just added some pretties to the Etsy Shop! Be sure to have a look! 

I drew this sketch of flowers this past weekend one sunny morning while I was sitting outside enjoying the weather. :)

My sister requested a Fairy Ballgown for her birthday this month. 

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Soft Flowers

"Every flower is a soul
blossoming in nature."
                 ~Gerard de Nerval

   I bought a beautiful large antique picture frame near the beginning of the year. It had a very old floral still life in it and I couldn't decide whether I wanted to buy a new piece of art for it or have it measured for a mirror. Well I finally made a decision last week and had a mirror cut for it. I think it looks wonderful! I love grand mirrors (and small mirrors, medium-sized, ornate, simple, gilt, painted, round, etc. etc. *giggle*). What is special about this frame is that it has an original weathered cream finish. Sooooo lovely! 
   I have probably said before that my Mum is my biggest fan. Every new idea that I come up with she has to have at least 2-3 made just for her. :) She has quite a few Gillyflowers, two fairy ball gowns, a ribbon heart, and recently she made a special order for two ribbon flower wreaths. She had very specific colours and details in mind so it took me quite awhile to finish them. Here are a few photos of them. I gave them to her for Mother's Day :) It was very exciting watching her open them. Her eyes got very wide and she was speechless for a few minutes just staring with her mouth in a little round "O". 
   This post is kind of a 'mix-up' of things  - I found a pretty miniature wrought iron dress form and painted it cream not too long ago. This week I finally got around to "dressing" it. :) I made a tulle skirt and bodice and even fashioned a little necklace out of pearls and pink jewelry wire. This dress form is just my size at the moment. I would love to have a full sized wrought iron dress form - one day when I have room! 
   I hope you enjoy these random bits of loveliness! 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Vintage Romance

"The world's favourite season
is the spring. All things seem
possible in May."
        ~Edwin Way Teale

    I have a few very lovely antique acquisitions which I found back in April on a little trip I took with my family. I have only just got the chance to photograph them! The first is a little antique iron bench which has been reupholstered in a soft floral fabric. I painted it cream to match my vanity and I am so happy with how it turned out! I also found a beautiful Limoges demitasse cup and saucer with a very intricate pattern of roses and filigree gold. It is so rare that I find pretty china lately! The little Limoges plate was also a find - I gave it to my Mum for Mother's Day but I knew she wouldn't mind me photographing it first. :) Probably my most exciting find was the small French antique ormolu gilt clock which I have sat on my dresser. I saw it tucked in the back of a shop and my first thought was "That looks like something that would be on Marie Antoinette's dressing table!" --so of course it had to come home with me. The ormolu box with the bevelled glass was an antique show find and I recently listed it in my Etsy shop along with the little handmade Fairy Ballgown with the blush sparkly skirt, and the vintage pearl and rhinestone tiara! I discovered the oval gold gesso frame at a show as well. It had a dark petit point in it and I changed it for a vintage floral that is one of my favourites. I bought the little salt shaker because I knew it would hold my small hat pins - I love the tiny vintage ones with pearls and beads. It is always so exciting when I happen upon antiques with that little bit of romance! 

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