Monday, February 27, 2017

Dressing Table Romance

"Our admiration of the antique
is not admiration of the old, 
but of the natural." 
       Ralph Waldo Emerson

   There is nothing more elegant, more romantic, or more feminine than a dressing table. Be it old or new a beautiful dressing table adds instant glamour to a room. I have had a few over the years!  My very first was a little painted cottage style vanity with spindly legs. I was so excited the day I brought it home! I definitely felt like a princess. My style has evolved naturally over the years but I have always, always had a vanity in my room. They are irresistible to me! That fact might be why I was helpless when I came across this stunning vintage French vanity during my antiquing travels. I couldn't leave it behind! It was white and I added a light stain to it so that it would match my ivory coloured furniture and also a touch of gold to the beautiful carvings. I am so happy with it! Most of my decor accents are vintage but my jewelry box is by Wolf Designs and the pretty powder puff box is from Paul and Joe

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

"Valentine's day is the poet's holiday."
               ~Ted Kooser

   Happy Valentine's day everyone! My three year old niece gave me a kitten valentine this morning with her tiny scribbles and a translation from her Mummy letting me know that the message said how much she loves my cuddles and snuggles. :) How can you not love Valentine's day? For one it is a holiday that seems to celebrate my favourite colour: PINK. The chocolate comes in pretty heart shaped boxes and everywhere there are roses. Definitely my kind of day! May yours be filled with love, hearts, and smiles!