Monday, April 30, 2012

Editing Photos

"One can look deeply for meaning
or one can invent it."
           ~"Fugitive Piece"
              by Anne Michaels
    With so much happening lately I don't have many spare minutes to play on the computer! I stayed up late one night and got my Jennelise Rose facebook page up and running (there is a badge on my sidebar now). The response has been exciting! I love to hear from everyone.
    My sisters's bridal shower is this week - and for those who asked I did find a present (or several actually, I got a little carried away) - hopefully there will be pretty pictures from the party to share with you! In the meantime I made a discovery called Picmonkey, which is an online photo editing site. I didn't even know such things existed - haha!! Well, in my few spare moments I have played with a few of my old photos on picmonkey and I am so pleased with the results! It is so much fun and I just keep getting new ideas! I have a few samples here to show you. I had already been toying with the idea of selling some photographs on my etsy store at some point and my little foray into the world of editing has clinched it for me. Very soon I will be adding glossy prints of my photographs. I hope you like them! Please, please let me know what you think and which ones appeal to you the most. I love to know what everyone thinks and I am very often surprised!

I also wanted to share this new music video that is wonderful. I love Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars and when I heard they were singing together for the new movie The Hunger Games I was so excited! This is a beautiful song called 'Safe and Sound'.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crafty and Creative

"It is better to create than to be learned,
creating is the true essence of life."
                  ~Barthold Georg Niebuhr

   I am always astonished by the incredible things I see people make! I wonder 'how on earth did they do that?' or 'where did that idea come from?' Etsy is a source of such amazing creativity! I haven't known about Etsy very long - a year or two maybe - but it is so much fun to browse through the beautiful handmade treasures there. I have friends on pinterest with boards that are devoted to beautiful crafts and projects that have inspired them. I have never been particularly crafty - drawing and art were always my interests. I am so impressed by the creations of other people displayed on blogs and online markets though! They made me want to try a few simple crafts myself, so here are a few photographs of my attempts. A paper dress, a rosette ribbon crown, one of my inspiration scrapbooks, some ribbon bows, a paper crown, cards, a gift tag, and a paper rose. I hope you enjoy looking at them and perhaps you will share some of your favorite crafts with me!

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Drawing by Jennelise