Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Outings and Treasures

"I quite like antiques. I 
like things that are old 
and the history that they 
bring with them."
           ~Walton Goggins

Summer is almost over and I feel a bit sad. I hope the warm weather will last into September! I am not ready for Fall (let's not even mention the "W" word). This last week I went on a little antiquing outing and snapped a few pictures of the pretties I saw with my phone. I also had a nice visit with a friend and came home with this beautiful gift that she made! Such incredible detail! 

She made the bird herself! I love its sweet little face. :) 

There are some new treasures in the Etsy Shop as well so be sure to have a look! 

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Fashion House

"Fashion changes,
but style endures."
          ~Coco Chanel

   I love fashion and I love decorating and I REALLY love it when books and magazines find a way to combine the two. Style is universal whether it is in your home or in what you wear. I love to see textures and patterns in dress appearing in rooms - floral and patterned wallpapers, satin upholstery as elegant as your evening wear, collectibles that mirror your taste for vintage accessories. Something else that I love is fashion illustration. I love to see sketches from famous designers like Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, and Coco Chanel. Fashion and Interior Design are forms of art and they begin on paper! These are photos of one of my favourite new books by Megan Hess - FASHION HOUSE. I love the illustrations and the break down of these fabulous rooms. Your home should reflect who you are the way your clothes reflect how you want the world to see you and there are so many different ways to create your perfect atmosphere! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Picture Collecting

"I can elect something I 
love and absorb myself in it."
              ~Anais Nin

   I collect pictures I always have. When I was little I had a shoe box full of pictures that I clumsily cut out of Sears Christmas catalogues and British magazines my Nana subscribed to. When I was a teenager I graduated to pretty file folders full of clippings of beautiful home decor, gardens, travel destinations, wedding and party ideas, fashion, beauty, and more. Now my picture collecting has resulted in half a dozen carefully crafted scrapbooks. In these books I collage together my favourite photos and I look at them daily for inspiration. I have shown some of these books to you before! I made my Mum one of these scrapbooks for Christmas and she loved it so much that she began to make her own books and finding and collecting pictures is a hobby we share! (The advent of Pinterest signalled the beginning of a real problem for us - too many pictures to look at!). The photos I'm sharing today are of some of my favourite pages from my smallest scrapbook coupled with some pictures I took and edited. I hope you like them! 

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