Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Birthday!

     It was my birthday today! I wanted to do a quick birthday post - my family and friends were so kind this year as always. I felt surrounded by love! The first picture is the birthday card my Mum gave me (So perfectly pink!!) published by The Art File 'Twinset & Pearls'. The last picture was a present from my sister who is an incredible artist and very generously indulged me when I asked a couple weeks before for a girl with pink hair (haha). What a gorgeous picture! I think I gasped or screamed when I opened it! As always my birthday has reminded me how very blessed I am to have the people in my life that I do. I love them so much. Thankyou!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red and Black

"Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways."
                                          ~Oscar Wilde

     I have always preferred pastel colors, but there is something striking about a ruby red that catches the eye with its intensity. The red rose symbolizes love, passion, and desire. A woman in a red dress automatically looks bold and confident, so sure of herself that she is secure in a color that will without a doubt draw attention. Very often red is a color of regality used in palaces and estates where old world opulence is very much alive. --Black, on the other hand, is a sleek shade, all satin and shadows, dark lace, ebony, and velvet. Pair red and black together and the sudden fusion of mettle and mystery is entrancing.
    My sister loves things that are colorful and unique: Old Nippon or RS Prussia china with rich red roses artfully painted on the surfaces, Cloissone vases and Cinnabar jars, antique books, dark wood, bright flowers, and heavy gilt frames. Her room is a menagerie of vibrant curiosities and well-worn pages. Most if not all of the photos taken below are of her treasures and pay homage to these two alluring colors - Red and Black...

'Miss Marionetta' By Jennelise

Monday, May 23, 2011


   Happy Victoria Day! It's always nice to have a holiday and I spent it with my friends seeing the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie! I have to say the best part for me was getting to watch my favorite French actress Astrid Berges Frisbey play the beautiful mermaid Syrena. The love story between her and the heroic clergyman played by Sam Claflin was very beautiful and more than made up for the absence of Elizabeth and Will Turner in the cast list. The mermaids themselves were terrifying creatures that stayed true to the less 'disney' depiction of the mythic creatures who lure sailors to their deaths. Syrena, however, is unique in her ability to show compassion and Astrid leant a very ethereal, heart-rending quality to the role. Definitely worth seeing! Here are a few pictures of Astrid from the movie, various Pirates premieres, and other photoshoots courtesy of Also a little featurette of Astrid talking about the movie!