Monday, February 27, 2012

Voix Douce

"my silent friend
 will you write me another story"
                     ~Kylie Johnson
                          'Count me the stars'

   I meant to post much sooner but this weekend turned out to be just a tad busier than I had previously planned. MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED!!! This was a big surprise and everyone in my family is currently a bit shell-shocked. We are all very happy for her though and already beginning to get caught up in the thrill of wedding preparations (I have been busy going madly through all of my favorite pinterest boards, wedding blogs, and etsy stores in search of gorgeous ideas and inspirations!). At any rate this post is a little late. I wanted to share a beautiful blog I recently discovered though called Voix Douce. It is a photo blog that has some of the most beautiful and romantic pictures I have ever seen. Every photo displays old world elegance, grandeur, and beauty in spectacular abundance! I visit nearly everyday for a dose of refinement and loveliness. I know you will enjoy it! I am also including a little doodle I did recently just for fun!

Drawing by Jennelise

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Perfect Table

"Home is an invention on which
no one has yet improved."
                ~Ann Douglas

    There once a Lady, very fine in her tastes, who chose for her home the things that spoke to her heart in the tenderest manner. She carefully selected each item relying on her instinct for beauty and her well-honed ability to choose what would always be timeless and elegant. She invariably succeeded in her quests - roaming from one treasure trove to the next until she happened upon that special piece that would complete a room. Every room reflected her special tastes, her time with her family, and her love for the finer elements of life. One day however she set out to find a table for her sitting room - the room that was especially hers - and travelled to many different places in search of it. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. On occasion she would return to her home with a table that she thought might perchance have some magic in it to transform her quiet room. Sadly, none of these could do justice to her vision. Then one day travelling farther afield than usual she came upon the most beautiful table! Carved and elegant in design it instantly spoke to her! After so long! Years now!- she had found the table of her dreams! She took it to a good fairy* she knew and it was transformed into the perfect table. When it finally came to rest in the place of honor - the center of the fair Lady's sitting room, all who witnessed gasped in admiration. The room was complete! The Lady had once again chosen and chosen well and in her small kingdom there was rejoicing!

(This is a true story. To see photos of this most famous of coffee tables see below. *Most sincere thanks to the good fairy - Barb Brown! The drawing at the end of the photos was commissioned by a friend and is called 'La Belle Epoque'.)
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Drawing by Jennelise