Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"Mirrors are magic, and behind their surface
surely there is another Alice world
where you can walk and talk"
            ~Elizabeth Brewster

    Mirrors are one of my favorite accessories to decorate a room with. In Feng Shui the use of mirrors in a room can shift the flow of energy, repel negative energy, and activate the flow of Chi. I could never have a room without one - for me they are essential! I especially love them if they have some history. The carefully carved roses and swags hanging across the glass of my Louis IV mirror, the satin etching on my Mother's, the lost silver that makes the reflections misty and faded. They all have a kind of magic! A mirror can make a room seem larger, it can enhance light, or simply ornament a wall like a piece of art. Sometimes the reflection is what gives the mirror some of its grace and beauty - a fact which I discovered while photographing them!

Drawing by Jennelise

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  1. I love the rose fabric sofa, I would love to have one like this, do you know what company made this and where I could buy it? Thank you! My email is