Monday, May 2, 2011


"Nobody is bored when he is trying to make something that is beautiful,
 or to discover something that is true."
                                                           ~William Inge

     I was never one of those girls who had hundreds of barbies and a room strewn with fisher price contraband. My sister and I spent hours drawing and then cutting the figures out to play with. We made up stories and then acted them out, cut up whole magazines dividing the pictures equally and keeping our favorites in special boxes for later. When scrapbooking took off I loved the beautiful paper that was displayed in shops like candy, but I never took an interest in pasting my photographs on it and compiling an album. I did, however, begin my own 'version' of scrapbooking which consisted of taking those favorite clippings stuffed in a box and making a collage of sorts in the pages of a book. I called them my 'inspiration' books -- inspiration for art and decorating and lovely things in general. These inspiration books have reached epic proportions now. Last year I cut up all of my old Victoria magazines and made the book photographed below. It gave birth to a second and the third became a Mother's day present! I look at them for new ideas and when I want to see something pretty. I hope you enjoy browsing through the photos I have taken of my very first Inspiration Scrapbook. (Remember to click photos for larger views)


  1. Beautiful, what did you use as the base for the scrapbook? I have plenty of Victoria mags but am a little hesitant to cut them up. I love the text as much as the gorgeous photos...!

    1. Hello Ranjini,
      I use artist sketchbooks for my scrapbooks because the paper is heavy - more like card stock and doesn't tear from flipping through the pages so many times. :) They are more expensive than regular notebooks but worth it in the long run. I love the Victoria magazines too. I decided to cut mine up to preserved the photographs because they were getting dogeared from being read so much. I still have some articles in a file folder that I have saved. Thankyou for your kind comments!