Monday, July 11, 2011


"These gems have life in them:
their colors speak, say what words fail of."
                       ~George Eliot

    My jewelry has mostly hung on a hook in my closet or been secreted away in a jewelry box, but occasionally there is a little piece of sparkle or color that I want to see everyday. These pieces find themselves perched on trays or dangling across teacups where I can enjoy them. There are so many interesting ways to display little trinkets and baubles. A decorating book I love by Selina Lake suggested putting all of the jewelry you no longer want to wear, or that perhaps doesn't suit you anymore, in a dish or bowl where it can be displayed. I have taken some photographs of jewelry I have here and there in my room including my collection of porcelain hand-painted brooches that I absolutely love. I hope you have fun looking through them and maybe get a few ideas for displaying your pretty things!

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