Thursday, August 11, 2011

French Lesson

"The French girl understands that luxury is not
about glamour. It's about beauty in ordinary life.
It's about great power in small things."
                            ~Debra Ollivier 'Entre Nous'

     I have a passion for all things French - French decor and decorations, French fashion and style, French food, and the sensual and secure French personality. I love to read about French women and their way of living. One of my favorite books is by Debra Ollivier and is called Entre Nous: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl. Ollivier describes the 'French girl' as a complex archetype that revolves around an essential way of being -- a personal sense of freedom, continuity, sensuality, and self-confidence. She writes, "Like the painter who knows the rules well enough to break them ..., the French girl knows conventions well enough to move beyond them. Which means that when all's said and done, her life ends up custom-made, not made by custom." I suppose it is this deep understanding and appreciation for one's own unique individuality that makes French women so fascinating! Here are a few photos that I have collected in honor of French beauty as well as a very sweet video that I happened upon, and a new drawing I did especially for today. (Photos include items from my home and the antiques store where I work - stay tuned for a post about Heirlooms) Enjoy! Rappelez-vous la vie est belle!

Drawing by Jennelise

This is my first time participating in a blog party! It's very exciting!
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  1. Absolutely charming! So evocative of the Paris I came to know and love through my work as a fashion designer, you have captured it perfectly Jennelise! Oh and I have tried clicking on the picture for the blog party but there doesn't seem to be a link attached, it just shows the same picture on a separate page? May be I am doing something wrong? Warmest wishes from an old farmhouse in England filled with French brocante - Glenda xxxxxxx

  2. I so much have enjoyed these beautiful photos. So breathtakingly beautiful!