Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bella Soiree

"The patterns have always been beautiful-
   we've stitched them for hours
towards the lighthouse of our sleep

they are the guardians of our slumber,
  and even in the darkest room
i have always seen their beauty

                   but it is tonight
                   that i understand"

         ~Kylie Johnson

   This morning at sunrise I was in a cocoon of blankets savoring the last few moments of half-awake dreaming before I had to get up and go to work. I was actually cold when I went to bed and had to add a few extra covers - a sure sign that the season we will not name is on its way. I am doing my best to distract myself from this realization by enjoying every ounce of sunshine. Another good distraction, and one that I am personally a fan of, is looking at lovely things. Today I wanted to share a fantastic etsy store with you called Bella Soiree Designs. Ginger Takahashi is the owner and talented creator of the beautiful one of kind items for sale at Bella Soiree. You will find everything from antique lamps, trims, pillows, antique clothing and more. Each piece is an exquisite treasure. Here are a few photos from the store and a drawing I did inspired by her beautiful antique lamps. Enjoy!

Drawing by Jennelise


  1. I am oohing and aaahing at every one of these lovelies! (And at your drawing, of course :)
    You are so right,these are stunning and exquisite! Thank you for sharing this, I will check out her shop..

    A beautiful day to you,
    - Irina

  2. Oh how beautiful, my favorite is the little cape and the three tiered gorgeous. Thanks for the link.

  3. How lovely....her shop calls to mind some of my favorite dealers at a Paris brocante that I have frequented. My favorite though is your drawing:-)

  4. Ginger's shop is a favorite of mine also. Such lovely lovely things! Swoon-o-licious for sure *winks* And your drawing compliments it all beautifully! Vanna

  5. Ginger's shop is magnificent I agree and I'm so glad you all liked the drawing :) I could draw her lamps all day! I'm sure there will be more sketches in the future. Take care!

  6. Hi Jennelise, you share the most amazing treasures
    I always look forward to visiting you and your drawings are the iceing on the cake!!! XO Christie

  7. This is a lovely Etsy store ! I will put it in my "Etsy boutique" file.
    I really really love your drawings ! I remember when I was little I received a book that was telling, through drawings, the story of a teenage girl. It was the same kind of drawings as yours and I never forgot this book. I used to look at the drawings over and over again !