Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Doll Dress II

"A memory...an exquisite treasure,
an inexhaustible source of pure refreshment."
                    ~Charlotte Bronte

   I was looking through my old files full of photos and found the first set that I took of this doll's dress. I took it with my sister's point and shoot camera and it was probably the first time that I had played at photography. I bought myself a new camera for my birthday in May and I thought that this dress deserved another photoshoot. I love this dress - It is made from the most beautiful lace and has little silk ribbons, pink gauze, stitched petals, and a crinoline! I added a pretty pink Meadow Street rose to the front and I have it hanging in my bedroom. I hope you like the pictures - for those of you who have been with me from the beginning I think you will agree that they are a little better quality though it doesn't much matter because the dress is beautiful no matter what. (I have also included the little drawing I did of the dress in the beginning.) This week I am linking to the blog party at Faded Charm called White Wednesday. Enjoy!

Drawing by Jennelise


  1. Gorgeous and dreamy, Jennelise!

    Love your art, as always:)

    - Irina

  2. Everything is so pretty! I love the dress and your photos, and your drawing is just perfect!