Saturday, December 10, 2011

Around the Christmas Tree

"Our hearts grow tender with childhood
memories and love of kindred, and we are
better throughout the year for having, in
spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time."
                   ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

  I braved a shopping mall today (crazy I know but I had the day off) - didn't find what I was looking for but had a fun and festive time anyway! This week I was given a tripod by my extremely generous and lovely boss who is himself a photography pro. The first thing I did with it was take pictures of our Christmas tree and decorations set up in the family room. I couldn't get any good pictures before because the light is so dim in there and I couldn't hold my camera steady enough! With the help of my new tripod I think I have captured everything pretty well! Thankyou Bill! My Mum decorates the tree and made the garland on the mantle - years of collecting and adding treasures! I hope you like the pictures and the little drawing I have included as well. Happy Holidays!

This week I am joining the Saturday Show Off blog party at The Rose Garden in Malevik.

Drawing by Jennelise


  1. Just gorgeous decorations, your mother is so clever as are you, love the illustration.
    xxx Dj

  2. Oh so beautiful, Jennelise! What a joy it must be to be surrounded by such the winter white. Tres romantique!!
    And I would love to see your gorgeous illustration on a Christmas card:)))
    - Irina

  3. How gorgeous. Wish I had the talent


  4. Gorgeous!! Amazing Tree and I love the Gold, White and Silver theme! Your photos are always stunning Jennelise!! I am not brave enough to go Mall shopping this year - I am wary of big crowds. Your drawing is the perfect Christmas touch! Merry Holiday, xo

  5. So dreamy and beautiful
    Vt Interiors

  6. Wow, your mom has beautiful decorations! I can see where you get your romantic spirit from! And I love your drawing of the Christmas tree, too.
    Christmas Blessings

  7. Lovely! I adore all the dripping pearls everywhere I look! Vanna