Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pretty and Graceful

"Things are pretty, graceful, rich
elegant, handsome, but until they 
speak to the imagination, not yet 
         ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  I think I am getting used to the idea that it is Fall. Our street is lined with very tall trees and the leaves are turning gold and beginning to drop. I love to drive up this street on a beautiful Fall day with the blue sky and the sun shining through the trees and the leaves falling in little flurries onto the still green grass. It is a perfect day! I'm sure I will be fully acclimated to Autumn right when it decides to become Winter - and then there will really be tears! Oh well c'est la vie.
On another note -- Sometimes (alright nearly all the time) I find myself possessed by a thoroughly girly mood and I just have to take some pretty pictures. This past week when I felt that way my dear friend came over and together we satisfied our longing to be little girls again and dress up! We made use of my new three-panelled vanity mirror (a fabulous find from a local antique mall this past July - I turned the corner and there it was shoved into a corner and almost completely obscured by a tall stand and some pots! So exciting!), which I have sat on my little antique desk and styled a "Vanity" shoot. I hope you enjoy the pictures! They are always so much fun to take!

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  1. Love your beautiful mirror Jennelise ! xxxx

  2. What gorgeous photos. You are so artistic and talented. I love all the beautiful jewelry and vintage china.

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend. I hope you can stop by for a visit.


  3. Jennelise l agree...your vanity mirror was a stellar find and looks fantastic on your carved desk. You and your friend look so pretty and the clothes are divine...Hope you have a happy week:-))

  4. These are fantastic photos....truly beautiful...stunning....and such elegant ETSY pieces as well!

    Wonderful job!!!


  5. Such beautiful photos as always.. I love to visit you, It feels so warm and cozy here.. lovely photos with love Janice Happy Autumn..

  6. I love so much your so delicate taste for everything ! Your clothes are positively divine (you too)... A fairy tale home !


  7. So beautiful, dear Jennelise! How fun that you have a dear friend to create such lovely art....
    Dreamy!!! :)
    That quote is wonderful...
    Happy Autumn, sweet friend!
    - Irina