Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lace to Love

"I consider lace to be one of the 
prettiest imitations ever made of
the fantasy of nature..."
           ~Coco Chanel

    The snow is falling outside, my arms are full of lace, and my camera is dangling round my neck. Today is a stay-at-home day and I have been busy photographing and listing new things in the shop. January is a slow month - everyone is clearing out the Christmas and slowly Valentines decorations are creeping up here and there. I always start to get excited towards the end of the month longing to see what the advent of the Spring season will bring. Will florals be popular this year (I always hope so!), pastels, and fashion with a little flounce. Will the window displays be dripping with flowers and foliage to counterbalance the cold outside? Our cold can last till May so I always love to pretend a little. Whatever the trends I am looking forward to this new year! Have a look at the ETSY SHOP to see what's new and enjoy this little sneak preview! 


  1. I'm fairly new to your blog. Very pretty.. Lace is lovely..Yes! Your photos are inspiring. I really like the rose and lace shot. The soft, pink, fabric flower is so beautiful.. Did you make it? I'm headed over to visit your Etsy now!

    Blessings to you,

  2. Yes l think Coco had it right....lace is awesome. Stay warm Jennelise. Gorgeous pics by the way.

  3. Coco, one of my fav's, is so right, you captured it perfectly in your pictures, yes, cold and snow to stay here also for quite a while yet!

  4. Hello dearest Jennelise, and Happy February to you!
    We are snowed in and cold as well, so visiting you is a perfect way to get some dreamy inspiration...
    So many beautiful things to feast I love lace!
    Stay warm and cozy, friend... :)
    - Irina