Wednesday, May 14, 2014

China Lover

"I must have flowers, always,
and always."
         ~Claude Monet

   Spring cleaning is underway and I have been tidying and sorting - moving things here and there and I thought while everything was out I would take some photos! It all looked so pretty spread out on the dining room table. You all know how much I love antique china. This is a collection of mostly Limoges china all painted with pink roses (of course!). I love the soft colours and the pretty shapes. European china, especially Limoges and Prussian, is all so delicately crafted. I am always on the hunt for that special piece! 

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  1. Gorgeous - each and every piece! If it all were mine, I would take them out of their display hutch every once in a while and "play" with them, rearrange the pieces before putting them back again. Then on a rainy day, repeat . . .

    1. I do that very often :) Although there are a couple pieces here and there that have to stay where they are so that I can look at them everyday. Always lovely to hear from you Christine!

  2. Gorgeous pieces Jennelise....I have had many of the same and they always amaze me at their delicate nature! xox, Janet

  3. So beautiful and feminine! Loved looking at these!

  4. OMG that is exquisite what beauty, just WOW!!!

  5. I love this pattern, so feminine, delicate, and romantic. You have styled and photographed it perfectly. Gorgeous!!!
    Big hugs,

  6. Oh my Jennelise. I am swooning over all this gorgeous china. I can't get all the beautiful patterns that you have collected. So romantic and feminine. I hope to come across similar china someday. Thank you for sharing such exquisite beauty with us.


  7. Would you consider linking this post to my tea blog party? Lovely posting here!

  8. You are TRULY a woman after my own very, very lovely.