Friday, January 16, 2015

A Painted Room

"Perhaps home is not a place,
but simply an irrevocable condition."
        ~James Baldwin

 I made some very drastic changes to my decor before Christmas (I've been hinting at them for awhile). I wanted my room to feel lighter and less cluttered. I sold all of my antique furniture *gasp* (I know - it was rather extreme). So far I had collected primarily dark wood pieces. My burl walnut vanity, my little curio cabinet and two commodes, a large bureau with inlay, etc. They all felt very heavy and opulent to me and I think I just wanted relief from the more Victorian style that I had unconsciously been developing. I have always loved soft things and while I still think those pieces were beautiful I couldn't live peacefully with them anymore. Anyway, long story short they went and I re-invented my style. I had my dark walnut French desk professionally painted to match the three paned vanity mirror - it was the first thing I did after I sold everything and it turned out beautifully. I also have a French Provincial dresser and a little painted Florentine table. My workspace also had to be incorporated into my room - you can see those changes in the post My Girly Office. I have taken the first few pictures to share with you. I think I would call my new style 'Feminine French Ivory' - or something like that. :)

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  1. Hi Jennelise,
    Your dresser came out beautifully and love all your wonderful photos.
    Thanks for sharing them............and how fun to be changing your look,
    it was a big drastic, but sometimes drastic is very
    Enjoy putting your new look together.
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Your room is beautiful, your vanity turned out gorgeous....I can hardly believe you sold all that gorgeous furniture you had...but I'm loving all of your new items....


  3. I always look forward to your posts....your style is just gorgeous! hugs....

  4. Beauty as always, I love the vanity.....thank you for sharing.

  5. Wow, took my breath, really:)

  6. It is beautiful, Jennelise! The vanity is just gorgeous. I'm glad you kept the romance,
    but then, that is just a part of you! Love it!

  7. Absolutely breath takingly beautiful!


  8. Ok it is official. I want everything from that room. How beautiful is that vanity??? I would never leave. : )

  9. Oh my goodness! It's a every girl's fantasy. Gorgeous!

  10. Jennelise your dressing table looks stunning and is the dressing table of my dreams that l've never been able to find.. le sigh. l love your new light and pretty's so lovely.

  11. Jennelise, everything is absolutely beautiful! thank you for sharing

  12. Gorgeous! So light and pretty. I love white furniture.

  13. I just got 1000 ideas from that. Truly inspiring