Monday, March 30, 2015


"Taking pictures is savouring
life intensely, every hundredth
of a second."
           ~Marc Riboud

  I'm on INSTAGRAM now! I was reading about social media on the Etsy news feed and it seems like everyone is talking about instagram. I've watched my friends load pictures onto instagram and never really bothered to ask what it was. :) Well now I've taken the leap and I think it is really fun! I like it better than Facebook actually. Anyway, you can now follow me on instagram if you have an account there. Here are a few snapshots that I have taken with the instagram ap - I like the filter effects! They make everything look a bit moody and vintage...


  1. Hello, dear Jennelise! That's wonderful! I am on Instagram also @georgiannalane. I'll definitely follow you. Happy Spring! xo

  2. I will follow you on Instagram when I can get an account! And started following you on facebaook. Enjoying your posts so much. I did have a question to ask. I have some furniture to paint and have liked the color that you and your mother have used on some pieces. Can you share the paint brand and color? I realize Canada may have brands we do not have here in the U.S., but then I am surprised when I see businesses in other countries that we have here. It is such a small world and becoming smaller! Still hoping to visit Canada someday. Since reading Anne of Green Gables I have wanted to see Prince Edward Island, and my husband has been to Victoria Island and said it was beautiful!

    1. Hi Karen! Thankyou for your kind words and for following me! I don't mind sharing my paint colours with you. :) We prefer the yellowy cream colour - I'm assuming that's what you mean (?). We only ever use two kinds. When something just needs to be sprayed we use Krylon Ivory (available at Walmart in a spray can). But for many pieces we have used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint mixing Old White and Cream together. Hope that helps!

    2. It does thank you! I have not tried the spray paint. I have tried the chalk paint and love it. I will truly mixing some of the Old White and the Cream together.

  3. Great news Jennelise, l'll pop over and follow you. l also joined a few weeks ago, l agree it seems THAT'S where it's happening:-)) Love all your gorgeous pics and amazing artworks.

  4. It is a really good idea, I love your photos so much !