Monday, May 25, 2015

Fairest Colours

"Among the many changing
months, May stands confest
the sweetest, and in fairest
colours dressed."
             ~James Thomson

    I seem to have a list this week of a million things that I have to do! Yesterday evening my list felt very overwhelming but when I woke up early this morning and the sun was streaming through my window I was eager to begin! I even gleaned an hour to put together a few vignettes to photograph. When I was editing they all seemed rather random but I think we could say the theme is decidedly soft and spring and colourful! I added a couple old and re-edited pictures from my ancient blogging files (if you have been with me from the beginning you might recognize them!). I hope that everyone enjoys this last week of May! 

I also have just added some pretties to the Etsy Shop! Be sure to have a look! 

I drew this sketch of flowers this past weekend one sunny morning while I was sitting outside enjoying the weather. :)

My sister requested a Fairy Ballgown for her birthday this month. 

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  1. Your pictures always make me so happy that I am a woman.

    Breaths of fresh air to one's soul, thank you, Jennelise.

    1. Wow thank you very much Michele! You've made my day!
      Jennelise xo

  2. Extraordinarias fotos! Felicitaciones