Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mirror Romance

"Each fairy breath of summer,
as it blows with loveliness, inspires
the blushing rose."
         ~Author Unknown

   Summer is rushing by and each day is full of so many activities! We went for tea at my Nana's the other day and she had laid out such beautiful treats! Pastel macarons, belgian chocolates, shortbread, yummy melon balls, and rose petal pink lemonade. It was such a lovely afternoon!
   I found a beautiful Venetian vanity mirror this week - it was so gorgeous I couldn't leave it behind! My sister fell instantly in love with it when I showed it to her and it has gone home with her. :) I had to take a few pictures of it first. I think that Venetian mirrors with their unique shapes and beautiful etchings are so glamorous! My Mum also made a spectacular find recently - a pair of stunning small Limoges boudoir lamps. She was very sweet and gave me one of them! I had a pale pink lace scarf which I covered a lampshade with and the lamp now sits on my vanity. I adore it! I hope everyone is enjoying their July! 

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  1. Absolutely positively the most lovely feminine dressing table I have ever seen.
    Your tri-fold mirror is EXQUISITE!!!!

  2. How lovely of you to gift the beautiful mirror to your sister....what an amazing find...and then your mum gives you the gorgeous lampshade....what a wonderful supportive family!!
    l love the lace you covered the lampshade suits perfectly.

  3. I can see why you both fell in love with that is gorgeous! I had to giggle when you said you took a quick photo before your sister took it home. I have done that same thing many times as my daughter was taking one of my "finds" home with!

  4. So elegant and pretty! Your Nana's tea sounds delightful too.

  5. The mirror and the lamps are both beautiful. The mirror just says ELEGANCE! Thank you for stopping by my blog!


  6. That mirror is just heavenly--I love it!

  7. OMG...I love the mirror and want one just like it! Beautiful vanity table!

  8. The lamp is exquisite! Everything is just so pretty! Thank you for sharing. Have a happy weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  9. Where did you possibly find the mirror?? Lovely!!