Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Perfectly Pink

"Pink is a beautiful color, 
because it is one of the colors
that the sun makes at twilight
and in the dawns."
          ~C. Joybell C.

   Pink, that most feminine of colours and undeniably my most favourite. I like to surround myself with soft shades of pink - blush, rose, nude pink, ice pink, and petal pink - and I like to wear bright shades of pink like magenta and fuchsia! When I am out searching for treasures and I come across something in a shade of pink it's like Christmas! 
   I recently finished this collage for the lovely Linda. She shares my love for beautiful old-fashioned things (and for pink ;). It was so much fun to make this piece for her! 


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  1. Every Picture in this post...Is perfectly Pink & Beautiful...Just like YOU!!! Thank you so much for making our lives so blessed with ALL your Beautiful things...Hugs to you! Carolyn xoxo

    1. Oh thank you so much Carolyn! You are incredibly sweet! Thank YOU for making my day! :)

  2. Your artwork for Linda is amazing Jennelise, what a talent you are!! l've loved seeing all your gorgeous pix and pink pretties:-)

  3. Pink is my favorite color too!! My heart skips a beat when I see something vintage and pink or even something new. Your blog is so romantic and I always love the pictures and quotes that begin each post. Take care, Darlene

  4. Hello dear Jennelise,

    Oh, there is so much gorgeousness in this post...
    I, too, share your love for all shades of is the color of love, and perhaps that's why we love it so! ;)
    Ok, after seeing this collage, I am going to order one for me this time!!! My sister adores hers so much...
    Off to your Etsy...
    Have a beautiful weekend!
    ~ Irina

  5. ou always create the most beautiful posts, Jennelise. So pink and elegant, I love your collages.