Friday, October 9, 2015

With Love...

"I believe that imagination is stronger
than knowledge. That myth is more 
potent than history. That dreams are 
more powerful than facts. that hope
always triumphs over experience. That
laughter is the only cure for grief. And
I believe that love is stronger than death."
                     ~Robert Fulghum

   At a vintage sale I went to recently I was sifting through a pile of antique postcards when I came across a beautiful old Valentine. It was in pristine condition as if it had been carefully tucked away somewhere for years as a treasured keepsake. It was only a couple dollars and I found I couldn't walk away from it, so it came home with me. I know some people ask sometimes what is the appeal of something that is old? Why would you fill your home with things that are used instead of fresh and new? Memory is a powerful thing. It moves and inspires us. I worked in an antique store for years and I heard the phrases "My children don't want my heirlooms" and "We don't know what to do with our estate. No one in our family wants our things" many, many times. Everyone's taste is different, and that is good, but I think there is something to be said for placing value on the past. I love old things because they are unique, because they have a character and charisma that is often absent in what can be found in stores today. I also like to believe that I have rescued something that was once precious to someone and that I am preserving, if only in the smallest of ways, a fragment of their days. 


You can find some of these treasures in my Etsy Shop! Be sure to have a look!


  1. Jenn: Wow, what a powerfully written introduction to this post. Your words struck a nerve and brought tears to my eyes. Reminded me of the times I should have treasured more often "mere things" from loved ones in my past. It's the memories that they symbolize that I miss. If only . . . Nowadays I cherish everything old that has a story to tell. And there are so many stories!

    The greeting card you just couldn't leave behind. Yes, it's beautiful, but it's the thought that counts. Someone put a lot of thought, love and feeling in selecting that particular card. I hope the recipient appreciated it.

    Thank you. Wonderful and thoughtful post. I keep reading your words over and over. Definitely one of your best. Photos excellent as always.

    1. You are such a sweetheart Christine! Thankyou very much for your beautiful comment. I just love hearing from you! You and I are definitely kindred spirits. :) I hope that you are having a lovely week!
      Jennelise xo

  2. I love old things, too, and could sometimes weep to think that some beautiful object had no meaning to family members-so they disposed of it. So sad. Glad you re-love those things--as do I. xo Diana

    1. Thankyou for your comment Diana! I know what you mean - I don't know how people part with treasures like that. But then again I tend to part with a lot of things for my shop! Sometimes I look back at everything I have sold and wonder to myself, "What on earth were you thinking!?" :)
      Jennelise xo