Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Gift Box How-To

"Christmas is the spirit of giving without 
a thought of getting. It is happiness because 
we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and 
finding time for others. It is discarding the 
meaningless and stressing the true values." 
                          ~Thomas S. Monson

   Someone recently asked me on my Facebook business page if I would do a DIY post here on my blog. I have never done one before so I wasn't exactly sure how to go about it- but I knew it could be fun! The question asked was how do I make the ornate gift boxes that I have done for past Christmases. I thought about it and did a little inventory and realized that YES I could do a "How-to" post! So here goes! 

Fancy Christmas Gift Box

I tend to add things to my pile of materials and tools when I start to make something but this is a picture of what I began with: fabric scissors, hot glue gun, ribbons, lace and tulle, pearls and beads, and a box.

I found this pretty gold textured box at the dollar store! I love using pretty boxes to hold gifts at Christmas time. Sometimes opening a pretty box is even more exciting than tearing off wrapping paper! 

I had this lovely silver lace remnant stitched with sequins so I cut a square and with a dab of hot glue here and there used it to add texture to the top of the box. 

I love it when the wrapping supplies start appearing in shops around November. I found this beautiful lace and velvet ivory trim at Home Sense this year. It even came on its own pretty wooden spool! I used this trim around the edge of the lid of my box.

I also had this beautiful gold net wire ribbon which I made into a pretty bow for the top of the box. 
Next I added some ivory tulle petals which I curled with a candle, some lace circles, and two sweet miniature ivory ornaments. 
These gold glitter encrusted fern leaves are sooooo magical! I have used them to garnish a few gifts this year!
Because the box was already so gold I wanted to add more ivory to soften the overall effect. I found some ivory wired ribbon with gold edging at Michaels and bought several spools to use on presents. I made a little bow with three loops to add to the gold net ribbon and another bow with the lace trim. 
I always search out pretty pins and brooches at flea markets and antique shows. I put a few in my Etsy Shop and I keep a few in a dish to use in projects. This pretty gold-toned brooch with clear rhinestones and pearls fit perfectly! 
I require a constant supply of tulle to make all of my handmade items and on a recent trip to the fabric store to replenish I found this AMAZING gold bird cage netting. 
I added loops of the netting on each corner of the box - so gorgeous! I will definitely have to go back and get more! Next I cut two more strips from the silver sequin lace...
...and used it to embellish the bottom sides of the box. 
Last but not least I added large ivory pearl beads.

This box is already under my tree with a special something inside it for a loved one (That special someone has seen the box and it was a present to me just to see there eyes get wide as they mouthed the words "For me?!"). I would love to hear what you thought about my first attempt at a DIY post! Thankyou so much Manan for inspiring me! 


  1. Your gift box turned out gorgeous Jennelise...I just love all the bling you have added....


  2. This box is a gift itself, it is so lovely it needs nothing else inside. Very, very beautiful.

  3. Your first attempt at DYI post was the best. Step-by-step instructions were easy to follow, especially for someone like me that can't even thread a needle. Made me think I can do it, too! And the box is a beautiful project, as all your projects are. Toot sweet . . . tout de suite.

  4. Thanks a ton Jennelise! I feel extremely special that u took time to make this post only because i requested this! Is there anything I can do in return? Please let me know! Thanks once again.

  5. Jennelise

    Beautiful DIY, you have as usual given me inspiration for my own Christmas gifts. For my first DIY I did not want to show my hands, LOL!