Saturday, January 23, 2016

Porcelain, Pearls, and Pink

"Anything is possible with 
sunshine and a little pink."
            ~Lilly Pulitzer

    I am doing a little bit better! Still with a lingering cough and general weakness but definitely better than the past few weeks when I wasn't even able to leave my bed. Thankyou for all of your get well wishes and kind words! Most of all thank you for your patience! I will be moving back into things slowly but I look forward to beginning new projects and going back on the hunt for beautiful treasures for the shop. I haven't been able to really blog this month which was frustrating! I have taken a few photos of some special pieces of china from my collection and a few pretty things from the shop and I hope you enjoy them! The gorgeous Limoges tea set was a present from my Mum for Christmas. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! It is so dainty and sweet. :) 

I have so many ideas for some handmade jewelry pieces. This is a necklace which I listed this week.

I have been making ribbon work heart ornaments in anticipation of Valentine's Day. I like to keep them up year round!

I found this little pink plate just after Christmas. It is Limoges! I just love the three little girls sitting on the bench. 


  1. Your tea set is gorgeous....aren't moms the greatest!

  2. Such a beautiful gift from your dear it....
    I hope you continue to get well....


  3. It looks all very nice. Beautiful necklace and I like your roses.Thank you.
    Love Janny

  4. Absolutely Stunning Pieces!!! You have a wonderful way of taking beautiful breathtaking photo's. Love it all <3

  5. Everything is so beautiful but I absolutely adore the porcelain pieces in the first image!